Indian Parents hack Pregnant Daughter to Death

In a shocking incident, two Indian parents from Uttar Pradesh hacked their daughter to death after they found out she was pregnant.

Indian Parents hack Pregnant Daughter to Death f

they committed murder out of honour

Police have arrested two Indian parents after they used an axe to brutally hack their 20-year-old daughter to death.

The shocking incident happened in Uttar Pradesh.

It was revealed that they killed her after they discovered she had become pregnant without getting married first.

The matter first came to light on October 25, 2020, when the body of an unidentified young woman was found on the railway tracks near the village of Alapur, Barabanki district.

The father, Kamlesh Kumar Yadav, identified the body and confirmed that it was his daughter.

He claimed that his daughter may have been murdered. Yadav then filed a complaint to the police against an unidentified killer.

An FIR was registered at Nawabganj Police Station and an investigation was underway. However, during the investigation, officers discovered that the deceased was pregnant at the time of her death.

Station House Officer (SHO) Akhilesh Pratap Singh explained that Yadav and his wife Anita Devi were called in for questioning on October 30.

They said that their daughter was murdered by an unknown attacker. But when police interrogated them further, they confessed to killing her.

They told police that they committed murder out of honour because their daughter had gotten pregnant out of wedlock.

The Indian parents said that on October 24, their daughter had been feeling unwell so they went to the hospital. On the advice of a doctor, the daughter had an ultrasound scan.

The scan revealed that the young woman was six-months pregnant.

Both Yadav and Devi were shocked at the revelation and were determined for their daughter to have an abortion. They tried to find a doctor to carry out the procedure but were unsuccessful.

Upon returning home, the parents then interrogated their daughter. They repeatedly asked who she was in a relationship with but she refused to tell them his name.

This angered Yadav and Devi. They then forcefully took her to the railway tracks that night and violently hacked her to death.

The parents then dumped her body on the tracks to make it look like a murder or suicide in order to avoid being suspected.

Following their confession, the parents were arrested and taken into custody on October 31, 2020.

Meanwhile, SHO Singh said that the axe which was used to carry out the killing has been recovered.

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