Diljit Dosanjh replies to Haters who Question Punjab Allegiance

Diljit Dosanjh has responded to those who have questioned him about why he has not spent a lot of time in his home state of Punjab.

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“People will speak as per their mental level."

Diljit Dosanjh has responded to people who have questioned his allegiance to Punjab.

The actor-singer has spent a lot of time away from his home state of Punjab, often travelling abroad for work.

However, this has not sat well with some people.

Diljit has now responded, saying that such observations are a sign of a person’s “mental level”.

Diljit was asked about his thoughts when a Twitter user pointed out that he has not been in Punjab recently.

He revealed that he does not get affected by such comments.

Diljit said: “I don’t care about this at all.

“I was born in Punjab, it’ll always be a part of me until I die.

“Someone said that I don’t stay there anymore, but I take Punjab with me wherever I go.

“People will speak as per their mental level. I will speak to people based on their wavelength, their point of view.

“Also, it’s not their fault if they don’t understand you or take offence to something that you’ve said because they are not in the same ‘era’ as you. It’s not right to feel bad.”

Diljit had replied to a social media user who had tweeted:

“Now we don’t see you in your birthplace Punjab anymore, brother.”

Diljit responded, stating that Punjab will always be in his heart.

He said: “Punjab is in my blood, brother.

“Lakhs of people step out of Punjab for work, which doesn’t mean that Punjab is not inside us anymore.”

“This body is made of Punjab’s soil, how can I leave it behind?”

In addition to his response to the haters, Diljit Dosanjh has openly spoken about his experience in Bollywood.

After initially saying he would prefer to remain silent, the singer said:

“I have no desire of becoming a Bollywood star. I love music, and without anybody’s say, I can make my music.

“Punjabi artists are independent, and that’s great freedom to have. Nobody can stop us, nobody can stop me from making music.

“I will keep making music for as long as I want to, and for as long as God allows me to.

“And I don’t give a damn about getting work in Bollywood.”

He added: “If I speak up about it, it’ll become a big deal. It’s better to stay away from all this.

“Your eyes reveal everything. It isn’t necessary to use words. And filmmaking is the kind of medium where it isn’t necessary that you get lines.

“You have your face and your expressions and your eyes, which reveal everything.

“I’m not crazy about anybody; no actor, no director, nobody. They can be superstars in their own homes.”

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