Deepika Padukone almost has Bag Stolen as she is Mobbed

Fans and paparazzi mobbed Deepika Padukone in Mumbai. The actress experienced a scare when she almost had her bag snatched.

Deepika Padukone almost has Bag Stolen as she is Mobbed f

"Must be scary to be in such situations."

Deepika Padukone faced a scary situation when her bag was almost snatched whilst being mobbed by fans as she left a Mumbai hotspot.

The actress had reportedly been at a restaurant when fans and paparazzi gathered outside.

In a video, Deepika was seen wearing black jeans and a crop top, with an oversized denim shirt.

She is helped down the stairs by members of her entourage while photos are being taken by the paparazzi.

As she tries to make her way to her vehicle, fans approach her while her entourage eases them aside.

Her security managed to get Deepika near her vehicle, however, she then experienced a brief, but scary moment.

Deepika’s crimson sling bag was pulled by one of the members of the crowd.

The actress clearly expresses a flustered look, however, she frantically holds onto her bag as it is pulled.

Meanwhile, she also alerts members of her security who notice the attempted bag snatch and pull it away from the unknown person.

The bag is then returned to the actress and she enters the vehicle.

Paparazzi and fans continue to mob the vehicle, hoping to catch a glimpse of Deepika before the door shuts.

The video went viral and netizens thanked her security for looking after her amidst the crowd chaos.

One person said it must have been a scary experience:

“Who are these people pulling her bag? Must be scary to be in such situations.”

Another criticised her security team:

“What sort of security is this, She only went from the door to the car n people were throwing themselves on her n pulling her bag very poor security.”

Others claimed that she was drunk, hence why she needed help down a small flight of stairs.

But a lot of social media users expressed concern about such a large crowd, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic. At the same time, netizens criticised Deepika for not wearing a facemask.

One person wrote: “She looked so drunk, can’t even move without support.

“Media hounding her like dogs and people snatching her thousand dollar worth bag to sell a tissue?”

“Maharashtra contemplating lockdowns, no one wearing masks, no distancing. Are people even sane?


Another commented: “Why is she not wearing a mask??”

A third posted: “Neither the celebs are promoting the right behaviour by wearing masks nor the media by jumping on each other and then we blame the Government for not doing enough to curb this pandemic.”

While Deepika safely made it into her vehicle, the video has attracted attention for a number of reasons.

On the work front, Deepika Padukone will next be seen in ’83 alongside husband Ranveer Singh. She is currently filming Shah Rukh Khan’s Bollywood comeback Pathan.

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