Deepika Padukone says She Turned Down Salman’s Film Offer

Deepika Padukone revealed that Salman Khan was the first Bollywood star to offer her a film but she turned it down. Find out why.

Deepika Padukone says She Turned Down Salman's Film Offer f

"he was of the first people to offer me a film."

Deepika Padukone has revealed that she turned down a film offer from Salman Khan when she was still new to the industry.

In an interview, Deepika explained that Salman was actually the first Bollywood star to offer her a film.

She had been a model at the time and did not wish to become an actress.

Deepika made the revelation when replying to a fan’s question about working with Salman one day.

Explaining why she turned his film offer down, Deepika said:

“We’ve always had this beautiful relationship and I’ll always be grateful to him because he was of the first people to offer me a film.

“It was just a tragedy that I was not ready for it.

“I had just started modelling and somebody I had worked with mentioned my work to him or he saw it.”

However, Deepika did not mention which film she turned down.

She continued: “I was not ready for films. I didn’t want to be an actor and then literally two years later, Om Shanti Om happened.”

Despite turning him down, Deepika stated that she was still grateful for the opportunity Salman wanted to give her.

“He saw potential in me when even I did not know I had it.”

She added that she is finally getting to work with Hrithik Roshan in Fighter after 15 years in Bollywood. The actress hopes something similar will come to her and Salman.

While Salman and Deepika have not worked together in a film, Salman did make a cameo in ‘Deewangi Deewangi’ from Om Shanti Om.

Salman previously spoke about not working with Deepika in 2020, saying:

“Deepika is a big star, so it has to be worth her while to do a film with me. Right now, there is nothing.”

Deepika Padukone is coming off the release of Gehraiyaan. The film sees her character cheat on her boyfriend with her cousin’s fiance.

She has spoken about the film numerous times and previously revealed that her role was a “bit difficult for the family to digest”.

Speaking about the film and her family’s reaction, Deepika said:

“I think at a personal level, it was a bit difficult for them to digest what my character goes through.

“They have seen it so up, close, and personal with me that I think at a personal level it was difficult for them to go through that.”

Deepika Padukone will next be seen in the likes of Pathan and Fighter.

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