‘Dayan’ promises Drama, Terror, Vengeance and Love

‘Dayan’ is set to be released and the new horror series promises a blend of drama, terror, vengeance and love.

Dayan' promises Drama, Terror, Vengeance and Love

Mahrukh bears a harrowing history.

As the Pakistani drama industry continues to soar to the heights of popularity, it seems the new horror Dayan is set to leave viewers on the edge of their seats.

Dayan is due to air its first episode on Express Entertainment on January 15, 2024, and will consist of two episodes per week.

The latest serial will focus on a story of familial ties, revenge and the supernatural.

Dayan’s plot centres on Ibrahim, an engineer, and his wife Alia, a lawyer managing an NGO.

Their seemingly flawless life takes a sinister twist when Alia unintentionally encounters a young woman named Mahrukh after accidentally hitting her with her car.

Mahrukh is hospitalised and diagnosed with amnesia and unknowingly serves as a channel for a vindictive witch, referred to as Dayan in local tales, to permeate Ibrahim’s family.

Without Alia’s knowledge, Mahrukh bears a harrowing history.

Once a nurturing mother, her life was abruptly ended by her own family.

Incinerated by her mother-in-law and husband, Mahrukh seeks retribution by aiming to disrupt the joy of other families, particularly fixating on Ibrahim’s son Ayaan.

With the impending supernatural menace, Ibrahim’s friend Nasir Siddiqui starts to unravel the truth about Mahrukh and discovers she is not a human, but a paranormal entity.

As he becomes concerned for Ibrahim’s family, Nasir promises to put an end to Mahrukh’s evil schemes through spiritual methods.

Dayan boasts an impressive cast that features names such as Yashma Gill, Sunita Marshall, Hassan Ahmed and Paras Masroor.

This drama serial promises power-packed performances that will leave viewers wanting more as the script explores paranormal activities, revenge and possession, whilst fighting supernatural occurrences.

The drama is written by Rafaqat Hayat and produced by Babar Javed.

Promos show Sunita Marshall slapping Yashma Gill, who plays the supernatural Marukh, and stating she wishes she left her to die on the road following the accident.

Yashma Gill shared the trailer on Instagram with the caption:

“After lots of blood, sweat, and late-nighters, presenting to you Dayan.”

Fans congratulated Yashma on her latest project and wished her the best of luck for the success of the drama.

One fan wrote: “Such a beautiful witch.”

Another added: “This looks really good.”

A third said: “Best of luck my love.”

Watch the Dayan Teaser


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