Business Coach’s Podcast to help Desi Women Entrepreneurs

A London-based business coach is celebrating two years in business by launching a podcast aimed at helping Desi women entrepreneurs.

Business Coach's Podcast to help Desi Women Entrepreneurs f

"we should all be given the tools to find our own way."

An international business coach has launched a podcast that is aimed at helping Desi women to succeed in business.

London-based Reetika Gupta-Chaudhary celebrated two years in business by creating ‘Asian Women Breaking the Norm’.

For the podcast, Reetika has already secured guests like Mayah Riaz, a London-based celebrity PR and publicity coach and Eesha Shokla, the US scientist who contributed towards the diagnostics of the Covid-19 vaccine.

Other guests include Deenita Pattni, international TedX speaker and multi-award-winning trainer/mentor and Rupa Patil, certified Mastermind professional and business mentor for Google and Sheroes accelerator program in India.

Reetika hopes that these entertaining and enlightening interviews will help bring the hidden challenges Desi women face to light.

Typically, these challenges remain unspoken.

The podcast is aimed at inspiring more Desi women to become confident to work either in better jobs or start their own businesses.

Government statistics show that UK unemployment is highest for women from a Pakistani or Bangladeshi background at 10.1%.

This is compared to an overall female unemployment rate of 3.8%.

Only 10% of South Asian-owned businesses are majority-owned by women, compared to a 16% average for all businesses.

This is something Reetika would like to improve by spreading awareness among the Desi female population.

She said: “My own experience growing up was of active discouragement when it came to working and starting my own career: it simply wasn’t the done thing.

“I feel we should all be given the tools to find our own way.

“Everyone has a story to tell and a path to follow and we hope to tell lots of exciting and empowering personal and business stories.”

Following a successful property career, Reetika set up GC Coaching at the start of 2019.

She works with clients all over the world, supporting and encouraging Desi women into independence.

This is done through a series of professional and personal training and coaching sessions.

The business coach added:

“I was taught that women cannot make money as men are the breadwinners of the family and I know other women from similar backgrounds are brought up with this belief – and it blocks you.

“I’m looking forward to talking to Asian women with a range of careers from all over the world on the podcast, to show that everyone has the potential to be the best version of themselves.”

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