7 Best Places to Study in Birmingham

Whether it’s studying, revising or reading, we’ve compiled a list of the best places to study in Birmingham away from university campuses.

7 Best Places to Study in Birmingham

"You'll find there's a lot of people with laptops here"

With an expanding city landscape, Birmingham is home to some of the best places to study away from university campuses.

Whilst classrooms and dorms can provide quiet settings, students don’t want to be stuck in the same location day in and day out.

Especially with Birmingham’s bustling city life, more people want to be surrounded by a type of atmosphere whilst doing work.

Likewise, there are areas where students can have the peace they need to get assignments, essays and presentations done.

This can be very productive. It provides refreshing places to study where individuals can work hard surrounded by either an intimate or lively environment.

So, change up your workspace with these best places to study in Birmingham to make those study sessions more exciting.

Ju Ju’s Cafe

7 Best Places to Study in Birmingham

Situated on Canal Square just by Brindley Place, this amazing cafe is home to incredible food, drink and workspace.

Placed right by the canal, students can bask in the sun whilst typing an essay or simply catch up on some reading.

When the sun is out, students just want to go out and about. However, this allows you to enjoy the heat without feeling guilty about missing a deadline.

Interestingly, the cafe is only open from Friday to Sunday.

Whilst this may seem problematic, it has its perks.

On the weekends, students love going out but what if you have revision to do or a presentation to complete?

Well, Ju Ju’s offers an exciting atmosphere that allows you to do work without jeopardising a lively setting.

Go with friends, or it’s perfect for yourself.

Enjoy the canal views, delicious menu and range of drinks – you could even reward yourself with a cheeky cocktail afterwards for all that hard work.


7 Best Places to Study in Birmingham

SPACES is home to numerous offices for businesses and individuals who wish to rent out a space.

However, it is also home to large areas for individual and communal working.

With branches in The Mailbox and Lewis Building, the SPACES Crossway located behind Dishoom is the ideal location for students.

Superfast wifi, study pods, open area working and booths are all available to those looking to get away from any distraction.

Not to mention you can energise yourself with the in-house cafe. Wake yourself up with a range of coffees or dig into the freshly made breakfast or lunches on offer.

What makes this one of the best places to study? Well, it is open 24 hours a day.

Whilst you will need a membership to gain access after dark, it may be ideal for those students living away from campus.

Yorks Ikon Gallery

7 Best Places to Study in Birmingham

One of the best places to study during the day has to be Yorks on Oozells Street.

Just around the corner from the cocktail hotspots of Brindley Place, this cosy cafe has both indoor and outdoor seating.

Yorks allows you to focus by offering a delectable amount of warm food and steamy drinks to fuel you throughout your work.

Open 10 am – 4 pm Monday to Friday and 10 am to 5 pm on the weekend, it is a perfect spot to enjoy the day without feeling locked off from the world.

Closing just before rush hour means you avoid the after-work hustle.

Although it can get a bit busier during lunchtime and on the weekends.

Even more appealing is the warm decor which means you can feel snug inside or lounge in their outdoor seating on warmer days.

Library of Birmingham

7 Best Places to Study in Birmingham

Whilst the Library of Birmingham is an obvious option to choose, it still remains one of the best places to study due to its services.

Not only is it in the heart of Birmingham, but offers a catalogue of space and study areas to keep you on track.

It’s also great for students who don’t want to carry personal belongings like laptops as they have hundreds of computers to use for free.

They offer thousands of books which may not be available in university libraries.

Also, you can have access to their archival catalogue which can be vital for those studying the city or need historical context for dissertations, essays etc.

But what if you need a little break or some time away from the stress?

The beautiful Discovery Terrace on level three and The Secret Garden on level seven will provide you with colourful and refreshing green spaces to relax.

This is ideal for those wanting everything in one place – personal space, a cafe, books and a little rooftop for a break.

JAVA Lounge

7 Best Places to Study in Birmingham

For students who love coffee or maybe want to try something new, JAVA lounge is a groundbreaking place.

Through complex blends and luxurious recipes, their drinks are sure to spark those brainwaves into action.

They have branches in Moseley, Solihull and more central to students is their Colmore Row lounge.

It’s perfect all year round to help you focus for a few hours whilst taking in the city life. It’s also great for a little break from campus life as well.

Its neutral decor, roasted coffee smell and relaxing nature are a dream for students.

Lewis Scott emphasised this calm and serene ambience by saying on Tripadvisor:

“You’ll find there’s a lot of people with laptops here, it has plenty of room to set up for a few hours while you work.

“There are plugs dotted around and I’ve never had a bad experience here.”

Whether you’re in a small group or by yourself, JAVA lounge is one of the best places to study in Birmingham.

AC Hotel

7 Best Places to Study in Birmingham

The AC Hotel by Marriott is one of the secret spots that many students in Birmingham may not be familiar with.

Located in The Mailbox along the beautiful canalside, it is one of the most luxurious hotels in the city.

However, it has a very tranquil and peaceful lobby area filled with spacious tables, outlets and even a private booth for bigger groups.

The AC Hotel greets you with a high-end experience without having to pay for anything.

Impressively, however, they do have a fully-fledged bar and Starbucks in the lounge to carry you along if you get peckish.

For sports fans, the hotel shows live games on its massive TV so you can watch your favourite team and work undisturbed.

It mixes the best of everything. A tranquil environment, vibrant but not loud atmosphere and tools that allow you to have the best studying experience.


7 Best Places to Study in Birmingham

This may come as a shock to some students as The ICC is a major conference and convention venue.

However, there is a small hub of space on the ground floor equipped with sockets, tables, chairs and even a Starbucks and Subway.

It is a perfect place that offers ultimate privacy away from the noise of Broad Street.

The low light offers little distraction and it is a great stop off place to finish off a tight deadline or to get some quiet time before class.

Likewise, you can use this space to finish off an assignment and then celebrate with friends around Brindley Place which is just next door.

Whilst The ICC may have events running every so often, you’re still able to use this area on most days before the evening rush.

With Symphony Hall adjacent to The ICC, you could even be graced with some elegant operatic music as you study.

What makes these areas the best places to study is that they cater to all, not just students.

Whilst students can make the most of these and could always use a break from the strains of the campus, these places offer so much more to everyone.

Each hub has its own unique traits. Whether it’s specialised coffees, opening hours or educational tools, these places have it all.

So, check them out and refresh those study habits, or simply explore the exciting and modern spaces Birmingham has. Your study sessions or work assignments won’t be the same again!

Balraj is a spirited Creative Writing MA graduate. He loves open discussions and his passions are fitness, music, fashion, and poetry. One of his favourite quotes is “One day or day one. You decide.”

Images courtesy of Birmingham Mail, Instagram, Thousands wonders, Brian's Coffee Spot, Accordingtoalex, Bababouttown & Twitter.

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