9 Best Chai Places to Visit in Birmingham

Chai continues to grow in popularity in the UK. Here are nine of the best chai places to visit in Birmingham.

Best Chai Places to Visit in Birmingham - f

a twist on traditional Afternoon Tea.

Chai is a popular drink and there are numerous chai places in the UK to enjoy this hot beverage.

A perfectly brewed chai, containing spices, is a staple hot drink in many South Asian households.

The art of making an authentic cup of chai has been crafted and passed down over many generations.

British and South Asian cultures have many wonderful differences. However, one thing that is common between the two cultures is the love for a hot cup of tea.

Birmingham is home to many places that offer a variety of hot and cold drinks.

When it comes to buying a quality tea, hot chocolate, coffee, latte, or frappuccino in Birmingham, it is not hard.

But finding a good cup of chai can be more difficult.

Here are nine chai places in Birmingham to visit.


Best Chai Places to Visit in Birmingham - zindiya

While Zindiya is primarily known as an Indian street food restaurant, it is one of the best chai places to visit.

Located on Woolbridge Road, Zindiya offers High Chai which is a twist on traditional Afternoon Tea.

It brings together Indian spices and flavours through a range of tea blends, such as Masala Chai.

The restaurant also offers a variety of savoury and sweet dishes, including cardamom scones and seasonal macarons.

Zindiya also serves the Mumbai sandwich, which is a street food favourite and the perfect accompaniment to chai.

The Mumbai sandwich is soft white bread filled with coriander and mint chutney, spices and layers of cucumber, onion and tomato.

For those wanting to enjoy Afternoon Tea with a Desi twist, visit Zindiya.

Chaii Garden

Best Chai Places to Visit in Birmingham - garden

Chaii Garden is one of the more unique chai places to visit in Birmingham as it is said to be the city’s first park and dine chai venue.

The venue, located in Sparkbrook’s Alfred Street, offers a range of street foods and desserts that pair well with chai.

Through a drive-in and drive-thru service, Chaii Garden serves traditional Karak Chai, but it also serves Karak Coffee and Kashmiri Pink Tea.

Other drinks include iced tea, milkshakes and mojitos.

Desserts to check out include Gulab Jamun, Mum’s Kheer and Ras Malai.

But there are also savoury options such as Pani Puri, Seekh Kebab in Paratha, Samosa Chaat and much more.

This chai place ensures that you can enjoy a cup of hot tea from the comfort of your own vehicle.


Best Chai Places to Visit in Birmingham - chaiiwala

Chaiiwala is arguably the UK’s biggest chai brand and in Birmingham, there are five branches.

It offers a variety of hot drinks, including Chai Latte, Garam Chocolate and Karak Coffee.

But Chaiiwala is best known for its Karak Chai. The tea is brewed with a selection of spices and sweetened to your taste.

With other flavours like cinnamon, mint and saffron, this drink has had rave reviews.

One person said: “Chaiiwala is honestly best for the chai, the tea here is incredible and they really focus on making the perfect chai for you.

“The Karak Chai was absolutely incredible and the masala chips were also very flavourful and one of my favourite picks from here.”

Chaiiwala’s extensive menu also features all-day Desi breakfast, a range of street foods and desserts.

Chaska & Chaii

Best Chai Places to Visit in Birmingham - chaska

Chaska & Chaii is on Birmingham’s famous Ladypool Road and it is a unique concept.

It brings you the original flavours of Desi street foods from the core eateries of Pakistan.

Chaska & Chaii has a variety of teas that are reasonably priced.

The options include Karak Chai, Masala Chai, Kashmiri Chai and Chai Latte, all of which are priced at £1.49.

These hot drinks are perfect alongside snack dishes like samosas and pakoras.

Chaska & Chaii also serve grilled options like peri-peri chicken and burgers.

Donuts N Chai

Best Chai Places to Visit in Birmingham - donuts

Birmingham’s Lower Tower Street is home to Donuts N Chai.

And as the name suggests, it is known for doughnuts and chai.

Offering a relaxed atmosphere, diners can order a variety of tea depending on their personal preference. The venue specialises in Doodh Pathee, Karak and Pink chai, all of which come in three sizes.

These hot beverages can be enjoyed with their doughnuts, for a sweet food and drink combo.

Other sweet options include cheesecake, cookie dough and milkshakes.

For those wanting to satisfy their sweet tooth alongside a cup of tea, Donuts N Chai is a chai place to visit.


Best Chai Places to Visit in Birmingham - chaiiology

Also located on Ladypool Road is Chaiiology.

This chai place has a large menu consisting of hot and cold drinks, street food, desserts and gelato.

As well as the traditional Karak Chai, the venue also has Tandoori Chai.

Tandoori Chai is where hot tea is poured over empty clay cups that have been roasted in the tandoor, causing an ‘explosion’. This allows the flavours to infuse, creating a unique earthy flavour.

Alongside your Tandoori Chai, you can enjoy chaat or parathas.

Chaiiology even offers a Selfie-ccino, which sees your face imprinted onto your coffee.

This is a chai place to visit if you’re looking for something more unique.

Chai Green

Best Chai Places to Visit in Birmingham - green

Alum Rock Road’s Chai Green is a place where you’ll find street food dishes that have influences from Karachi to Kolkata.

It is the perfect chai place to stop by for any time of the day.

Chai Green’s House Chai features a blend of aromatic spices that are warming to the drinker.

Other chai options to enjoy are saffron and cinnamon, which offer contrasting flavours. This means there is something for everyone.

But no matter what chai you go for, they go well with the dishes on offer.

Some options include Frankie Rolls, Desi Breakfast and Pav Bhaji to name a few.

Karak Chaii

Best Chai Places to Visit in Birmingham - karak

Karak Chaii on Stratford Road in Hall Green serves an authentic chai that has influences from the Indian subcontinent.

Its tea was created after travelling throughout many Indian cities and visiting different chai experts.

The result is Karak Chai which is intensely spiced and warms the tastebuds.

Karak Chaii also serves mint, cinnamon and saffron varieties if that is your preference.

Food options such as Masala Chips, Samosa Chaat and Bombay Sandwich are great accompaniments because they are full of flavour but not too heavy.

Mi Chaii

Best to Visit in Birmingham - mi

Mi Chaii was created by owner Mahboob Hussain’s father who arrived in the UK in 1964.

He brought traditional chai with him and the tradition has been enjoyed ever since.

The Ladypool Road-based chai place specialises in Karak Chai but unlike other chai places, it also offers Iced Karak Chai.

This is a refreshing alternative to the well-known hot beverage.

Family-run Mi Chaii also serves street food favourites like Masala Chips but the menu is inspired by some of the family’s favourites.

Breakfast and dessert are also served at this Birmingham chai place.

These chai places provide just a glimpse of how big chai has become across the UK.

In Birmingham, these places serve delicious tea as well as flavourful food to go alongside it.

So the next time you are craving a cup of authentic Desi chai it would be worth checking some of these places out!

Dhiren is a journalism graduate with a passion for gaming, watching films and sports. He also enjoys cooking from time to time. His motto is to “Live life one day at a time.”

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