Asha Bhosle says Singing Shows rely more on ‘Acting’

Asha Bhosle weighed in on singing reality shows and said they rely more on acting and drama rather than the actual music.

Asha Bhosle says Singing Shows rely more on 'Acting' f

"There's more acting than singing on these shows!"

Veteran playback singer Asha Bhosle stated that singing reality shows rely more on acting rather than the music.

The iconic singer gave her opinion on singing reality shows and contemporary music.

She said they are more about the dramatics rather than the music.

Asha also revealed that she prefers evergreen songs, admitting that she does not listen to modern songs.

She explained: “I have been to such shows.

“People must realise that singing is not about short clothes or being dramatic.

“There’s more acting than singing on these shows!”

On contemporary music, Asha Bhosle said she does not listen to it. Instead, she prefers music from the likes of Mehdi Hassan, Pandit Jasraj and Bhimsen Joshi.

Asha added: “Yes, even I have to ask the youth around me that who’s singing.

“Technology may have increased, but the soul is absent.

“I remember, we did so much improvisation on what we were told to do and ended up only enhancing the numbers.

“We worked very hard. We always thought that the song that I’m singing should not be my last song.”

Singing reality shows have received a lot of flak in 2021.

Indian Idol 12 in particular was heavily criticised.

A moment of controversy that attracted a lot of attention was when Amit Kumar appeared as a guest for a special tribute episode for his father Kishore Kumar.

Amit later revealed that he did not enjoy the episode and claimed that the makers told him to praise the contestants irrespective of their performance.

He had said: “I was told to praise everyone. I was told to uplift everyone because it’s a tribute to Kishore.

“I thought it will be a homage to my father. But once there, I just followed what I was asked to do.

“I had told them to give me portions of the script in advance, but nothing of that sort happened.

“I didn’t enjoy the episode at all.”

Indian Idol 1 winner Abhijeet Sawant also criticised singing reality shows, saying they seem more interested in making unrealistic dramas.

Whilst indirectly referencing Indian Idol, Abhijeet said:

“These days, the makers are more interested in whether the participant can polish shoes or how poor he is, rather than his talent.

“If you look at the regional reality shows, then the audience will hardly know about the background of the contestants.

“Their focus is only on singing, but in Hindi reality shows, the tragic and sad stories of contestants are redeemed. The focus is only on that.”

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