Anil Kapoor explains why He has More Fun working on OTT Shows

Anil Kapoor opened up about how he has had more fun working on OTT shows than he has had working on films.

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"it is better storytelling and it is great fun."

When comparing films and OTT shows, Anil Kapoor revealed he has more fun working on the latter.

The revelation comes following the release of The Night Manager part two, which sees the veteran actor facing off against Aditya Roy Kapur.

On how most Bollywood films are not doing well at the box office post-pandemic, Anil stated that the industry is going through a “rough patch” and he has seen such phases over his 40-year career.

He said: “I have been working for so many years, my father (Surinder Kapoor) was also in this industry, so we’ve been here for around 60 years.

“Actors, directors, producers talking about films working and not working… such things keep happening.

“There are phases… for example, for two years a particular type of films don’t work and people say the industry is closing down.

“I myself have seen these phases five to six times in my career, but that doesn’t happen, it will never happen.

“It is just how every person sees ups and downs in their life, so it is the same with the business, there will be good and bad times.”

Anil Kapoor explained that every time Bollywood experiences a rough patch, people should look at how they can do better and how the industry can evolve.

He continued: “I take it positively because during the Covid-19 pandemic, people have taken the time to try and understand how to work harder, do better and make good films.

“Films that we’ll see now will be very good, the audience will like it.

“People learn a lot in such situations, and those who don’t, don’t survive.

“I think those who are sincere and honest with their work and know their job, who know their craft, for them there’s nothing to get scared about, they just have to keep working.

“Films will be made, if the films are good then the audience will come to watch it, they are watching good films.”

Anil Kapoor went on to admit that working on OTT shows has been more fun for him than working on films.

He elaborated: “The first time I did something like this was so many years ago, but that time it (24) was broadcast on television.

“So whether it is OTT or big-screen films, I have seen them as opportunities I haven’t seen them in terms of the platform.

“What is important for me while considering a project is to see who is my director and writer and are they and my audience happy with my work.

“The advent of OTT is like the renaissance, it is the best time for all of us.

“The kind of work that is coming to us is great, there’s a lot of work cooking to us as well.”

“With OTT, the one thing that is different is that when do big shows we get more opportunity to play the character because of the way the story is written, it is in much more detail and we get more time, it is better storytelling and it is great fun.

“There have been times when I have had more fun working on this show than I have had while working on films.

“At least for me, if I join 24 and The Night Manager have done better, much more than my films have done.

“Other than that it is all the same for me, I love going to work, I love being on set, I love entertaining people. I hope I get to work for ten more years.”

Dhiren is a journalism graduate with a passion for gaming, watching films and sports. He also enjoys cooking from time to time. His motto is to “Live life one day at a time.”

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