Amir Khan responds to Conor Benn’s Callout

Following his stunning victory, Conor Benn called out Amir Khan for a bout. Now, the Bolton boxer has responded.

Amir Khan responds to Conor Benn's Callout f

"But listen, if he wants it, he can get it."

Amir Khan has responded to Conor Benn’s callout following his impressive victory on April 10, 2021.

Twenty-four-year-old Benn called out Khan after defeating veteran Samuel Vargas, a common opponent of both fighters.

While it took Benn just 82 seconds to defeat Vargas, Khan was forced to get up from the canvas to beat him in 2018.

After the bout, Benn said:

“I like Amir Khan, he has achieved everything I want to in this sport.

“But he said I would have a tough night against Samuel Vargas, just because he did.

“But I am a different animal when I get in there. When I see an opening I take it and that is exactly what I would do to Khan.”

Benn also told Sky Sports: “Give me a proper test.

“Give me Amir Khan. I know he’s too busy on reality shows and all that. But listen, if he wants it, he can get it.”

Khan has now fired back at the undefeated fighter.

The Bolton boxer tweeted a message of congratulations at Benn but suggested a fight between the pair would only make sense if a world title was at stake.

Khan wrote: “Conor, well done. Great kid, wish him the best. At his age, I was a world champ.

“Maybe if he had some belts that fight would make sense, but he’s got a long way to go yet.”

It is no secret that Conor Benn wants to fight Khan. He believes that he would accept the fight, although Khan has made it clear on numerous occasions that he wants a big fight before he retires.

Benn said: “I think Amir will want the fight. I want the fight. It’s easy to be made.

“Again, that’s up to my promoters. I’m not bothered. I focus on doing what I’ve got to do.

“I let Eddie (Hearn) and my trainer do what they’ve got to do and I focus on what I’ve got to do, which is training hard.”

Eddie Hearn has indicated that he could persuade Khan to take the fight by making a lucrative offer.

He said: “Conor Benn against Amir Khan is probably one of the easiest fights to sell, I’ll ever take part in.

“What an intriguing fight. A young kid coming up, as you can tell, is rather amped and charged against a guy that is really at the end of his career and has a fantastic legacy in the sport.

“Whether Amir Khan will say, ‘I want to bow out to a young man coming through the ranks like Conor Benn’.

“That’s up to him and money will talk in that respect. For me, I want to get him back out as soon as possible.”

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