Amardip Bhopari jailed for having Sex with a pupil

Amardip Bhopari from Birmingham has been imprisoned for sexually grooming a pupil. The boy who is 16 years of age had ADHD and dyslexia and was engaged into a fully blown sexual relationship by the art teacher at the special school.

Amardip Bhopari - sex offender

"You had sex with him in public places, on an industrial estate and hotels"

Amardip Bhopari, a 28 year old, British Asian teacher, has been handed a jail sentence for two years for having sex with a pupil who had learning problems.

Amardip is known to be the daughter of Birmingham based award-winning Bhangra singer Malkit Singh MBE.

Bhopari’s sexual relationship with the boy began at the academy school, which catered for pupils with learning difficulties or behavioural problems, where she started to work in December 2012.

The boy, aged 16 years-old, who cannot be named for legal reasons, first became involved with Amardip in a sexual relationship just before Valentine’s day in 2013.

Sexual encounters started in the Art Room between Pupil and BhopariIt started after Amardip texted the pupil for a meeting in the art room of the Birmingham school which they both attended, where she had physical and sexual contact.

This then led to further sexual encounters between Amarjit and the pupil. Including Amardip meeting the boy at an industrial estate near the school for sex, her inviting him to her home and also having sex in her car on several occasions.

Amardip became very attached to the pupil, who suffered from ADHD and dyslexia. She bought him gifts and drinks to woo and groom him. On the boy’s birthday, Amardip took him to the Formula 1 hotel in Birmingham, where they spent the day together and indulged in drinking Vodka.

After sometime, the pupil began dating and seeing a girl more nearer his age. However, when he told Bhopari that he wanted to end their relationship because he had found someone else, she insisted that they should carry on and did not want it to end.

Everything came out in the open when Bhopari, who is from Foley Road East, Streetly, Sutton Coldfield in Birmingham, was arrested in December 2013.

In Birmingham Crown Court, Bhopari admitted to three charges of sexual activity with a child and has been ordered to be put on a sex offender’s register for 10 years.

Birmingham Crown CourtHugh O’Brien Quinn, prosecuting Bhopari, said that her pupil was not looking to have a relationship with her but she on many occasions made contact and wanted to meet up with him.

It was revealed that the boy who attended Amardip’s art class, gave his telephone number to her on the back of a piece of paper and she then contacted him by ringing him. This led to a conversation of a sexual nature between them and resulted in more calls of this kind over the next few nights.

There was also an occasion when Amardip to took the pupil to Drayton Manor Park paying for anything he wanted and during the trip she let the boy drive her car despite the fact that he did not have a driving licence.

Judge James Burbidge QC said: “I do not suggest you sought him out as vulnerable. However as a teacher you owed him a duty of care that all teachers must owe to a child. You had sex with him in public places, on an industrial estate and hotels and you also provided him with experiences that, as a 16-year-old, meant that he would be attached to you.”

In defence of Amardip Bhopari, John Smitheman said that she was full of remorse for what had happened and when the relationship got revealed, she left the academy. It was understood that despite having no formal teaching qualifications, Amarjit was employed at the school for her background in art and having a masters degree in Visual Communication (Graphic Design and Illustration).

Smitehmen said:

“She fell in love with this young man, they had a relationship. She knew that it was wrong but it happened.”

Amardip’s father, Malkit Singh MBE, has a star of fame on Broad Street in Birmingham, as well as being known for a highly regarded singer and musician in the UK’s Bhangra industry. His wife is Harbans Kaur, her mother.

It is obvious that no parents will see news of this kind as exemplary behaviour from their child and this case will definitely result in challenging times for the family. But there is no excuse for the sexual exploitation and crime committed by Amardip, who is responsible for her own actions.

Mostly pupil-teacher cases are associated with men but more and more cases with women are appearing in the headlines, which is a worrying trend. Since, teachers are suppose to be the guardians of pupils in the absence of parents at school.

However, as this case shows, Amardip Bhopari evidently disregarded her position and used her role to groom a vulnerable pupil into a sexual relationship which turned into an obsession and has landed her in prison.

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