Aisle launches Dating App dedicated to Tamils

Aisle has launched a new vernacular dating app, Anbe, which helps singles of the global Tamil community find love online.

Aisle launches Dating App dedicated to Tamils f

"we were onto something special.”

Aisle has launched a new vernacular dating app that will cater to the global Tamil community.

The new app, Anbe, targets Tamil singles between the ages of 21 and 40.

According to Aisle, Anbe will allow its users to interact and connect in a secure environment.

Anbe, which means ‘dear’ in Tamil, also has several features designed specifically for the Tamil community.

Some of these features include icebreakers that refer to Tamil pop culture, and an ‘Audio Invites’ feature that allows users to send personalised invitations to potential suitors.

Speaking of the launch of Anbe, Aisle’s Founder and CEO Able Joseph said:

“The Indian audience has always been interested in high-intent dating.

“This is especially true the further away you get from urban centres, where English isn’t the predominant language.

“After the successful launch of Arike, a vernacular platform that caters to Malayalee users, we knew that we were onto something special.”

Joseph continued:

“The rapid growth in the number of Aisle users from Tamil Nadu made it obvious what our next vernacular app should be.

“With this launch, we will further strengthen Aisle’s reputation as a global leader in high-intent matchmaking.”

“We’ll continue to build on this platform and launch vernacular-focused apps tailored to various states and regions.”

Anbe caters to Tamil singles in both India and abroad, and plans to acquire one million users in its first year. Aisle is confident that it will achieve this.

Aisle is a dating app that connects those looking for a serious relationship without the influence of their families.

After noticing a gap in the market in 2014, Aisle launched to help marriage-minded singles seek a life partner independently.

Speaking about the thoughts behind Aisle’s development, Able Joseph said the app’s creation is based on his own challenges in the Indian dating scene.

He said:

“We’re not a one-size-fits-all dating service.

“We’ve taken a wise middle-path between traditional matchmaking companies and online dating applications that are basically Tinder clones.”

Speaking of the app’s intentions, the Aisle team said:

“Aisle isn’t a place for casual hookups, nor is it a place where Indian parents force their children to make a quick decision.

“Our users are looking to build a relationship.

“This a mature version of dating, and we think it’s the natural fit for urban Indians to find love online.”

Aisle currently claims to be the second most popular dating app in India, after recently seeing more downloads than Bumble.

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