AI reimagines Game of Thrones Characters in Indian Outfits

An artist has used artificial intelligence to reimagine several ‘Game of Thrones’ characters in Indian clothes.

AI reimagines Game of Thrones Characters in Indian Clothes f

“If George RR Martin has hired an Indian costume designer"

An artist has shown how several Game of Thrones characters would look if they were dressed in Indian clothes using artificial intelligence.

AI enthusiast Jyo John Mulloor frequently shares pictures using AI, leaving netizens stunned.

He has now shared an Indian reimagining of Game of Thrones.

Revealing that he used the app Midjourney, Jyo wrote:

“If George RR Martin has hired an Indian costume designer for Game of Thrones.”

In keeping with the regal elements of the show, the main characters were dressed in vibrant Indian outfits.

AI reimagines Game of Thrones Characters in Indian Clothes

Fan favourite Tyrion Lannister was dressed in a red and yellow ensemble. The outfit also featured traditional jewellery as well as an eye-catching crown.

Meanwhile, Emilia Clarke’s Daenerys Targaryen looked beautiful as an Indian princess, dressed in a yellow and blue saree that featured intricate embroidery.

Her signature blonde hair was adorned with bright flowers and striking maang tikka.

Arya Stark was in a blue and red outfit but it was her jewellery that stood out. In the picture, she had a number of standout necklaces and rings.

Her hair was covered with a crown-like accessory.

Meanwhile, older sister Sansa Stark was reimagined in an orange ensemble that complemented her red hair.

AI technology perfectly captured the warrior nature of Jorah Mormont during his time in the fighting pits.

The image shows him in a sleeveless outfit that appeared to have been worn during battle.

His look is completed with yellow war paint around his left eye.

Jyo reimagined Jon Snow as the Indian prince that was promised, creating a red and golden outfit. The popular character has a menacing look on his face as a crown sits over his black hair.

Other Game of Thrones characters that were dressed in Indian clothes included Cersei Lannister, Ned Stark and Bran Stark.


Jyo’s post went viral and the AI-generated pictures impressed fans with how authentic they looked.

One user wrote: “Nice work.”

Another said: “That’s amazing.”

A third said: “Love this.”

AI reimagines Game of Thrones Characters in Indian Clothes 3

One person pointed out the backgrounds enhanced the pictures, writing:

“Forget the costumes, even the backgrounds bring the whole theme to life.

“We await AI-driven Mahabharata and Ramayana epics to be told in long-form series.”

Another was eager to see characters from prequel series House of the Dragon in Indian clothes, asking:

“Brother, can we expect the characters of House of the Dragon also?”

AI reimagines Game of Thrones Characters in Indian Clothes 2

Others posted appreciative emojis.

Meanwhile, Arya actress Maisie Williams is currently in India for Dior’s Fall 23 show.

She posted a video and said: “I just got to Mumbai and I am losing my mind a little bit.”

In the clip, Maisie showed fans around her hotel room which was decked up with flowers and gifts. She also posted a mirror selfie sitting in the bathtub.

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