‘Abusive’ Husband of Actress to Stay Out of Marital Home

Actress Arzoo Govitrikar’s allegations against husband Siddharth Sabharwal are still ongoing. He continues to remain away from their marital home in Worli.

'Abusive' Husband of Actress to Stay Out of Marital Home f

“Another round of brutal assault”

Alleged abusive husband of actress Arzoo Govitrikar, businessman Siddharth Sabharwal, will continue to stay out of their marital home in Worli. The Bombay High Court refused his plea to gain access to his residence.

In February 2019, the actress filed a police report against her husband alleging him of repeated assault under the influence of alcohol.

Arzoo filed another complaint under the Domestic Violence (DV) in May 2019.

The DV complaint went through the Dadar Metropolitan Court and the same month Sabharwal was ordered to remain away from the house.

Despite the Dadar Metropolitan Court passing the order without accounting for Sabharwal’s statement, Justice SS Shinde supported the command. On October 18, 2019, Shinde confirmed the magistrates had the authority to do this.

According to the High Court, the aim of the ‘Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act’ is assigned to protect the rights (guaranteed under the Constitution) of victimised women. They state:

“On mere technicalities, an aggrieved person cannot be dislodged from seeking appropriate ex-parte relief.”

Yet, the High Court agreed to allow Sabharwal to seek alternative remedies. In this instance, appeal against the magistrate’s order or conduct legal proceedings further.

Arzoo and Sabharwal got married in March 2010 and lived together at their residence on Pochkhanawala Road in Worli.

Following Arzoo’s allegations against Sabharwal, she referred to the incident as “another round of brutal assault.”

The actress filed the case days before leaving the house. Yet, Sabharwal’s lawyer, Girish Kulkarni told the High Court that Arzoo did not inform her husband of this complaint while living together.

He was made aware of the matter when he boarded a flight from Germany on May 29, 2019. Girish continued to mention how Arzoo was aware of the order before her husband left for Germany on May 15, 2019.

Sabharwal then went on to blame the actress of leaking material to the media.

He said:

“She has made veiled threats to even leak the said impugned (magistrate’s) order in an effort to malign and force the petitioner (Sabharwal) to succumb to her exorbitant demands.”

Girish stated that Arzoo had misled the magistrate because Sabharwal’s other properties were let out on lease. He also said the CCTV camera footage that was provided by Arzoo was not the full version.

Arzoo’s lawyer, Aabad Ponda, retaliated against Sabharwal’s allegations. She highlighted instances where the actress made police complaints: Mumbai, Lugano and Switzerland. These reports ranged from July 2018 to October 2019.

Aabad went further to state numerous Supreme Court judgements against the High Court for the right to alternative solutions. This was accepted by the High Court.

Arzoo’s accusations against Sabharwal are still ongoing.

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