Abusive Man threatened to Burn down Girlfriend’s Home

An abusive man from Bolton threatened to burn down his girlfriend’s home with her daughter inside if she attempted to stand up to him.

Abusive Man threatened to Burn down Girlfriend's Home f

"burn down her house with her daughter in it"

Mudasser Shamin, aged 38, of Bolton, was jailed for three years after he assaulted his girlfriend and threatened to burn down her house.

Manchester Minshull Street Crown Court heard that he made the threats after she attempted to stand up to him.

The woman met Shamin through one of their friends. They began dating in March 2019.

Helena Williams, prosecuting, said that at first, things were fine.

But Shamin became violent after they met for a night in a Travelodge on Bury New Road in August 2019.

After arriving at 11 pm, they started drinking wine until Shamin became abusive, calling her a “motherf*****”.

He then punched her in the face twice, causing a cut under her eye and heavy bleeding to her lip.

Shamin left the hotel without her.

It was heard that one of the punches left her unconscious. The woman later noticed a bite mark on her foot.

The next day, she called the police but did not want to make a complaint at that point.

Her face was “grossly distorted” from the swelling and she said it “doesn’t even look like my face”.

A week later, Shamin began turning up outside her work, saying he wanted to apologise and leaving gifts and notes on her car.

He turned up again in October, told her he loved her and asked her to get in his car.

The woman refused and later called him to tell him to leave her alone. She also warned Shamin that if he didn’t, she would seek a restraining order.

Shamin then threatened to “burn down her house with her daughter in it” if she went through with it.

The following month, the woman told Shamin that she was going to press charges for the hotel room attack.

However, he threatened to wait outside her family’s home and “kidnap” her.

Shamin was arrested in January 2020 but claimed her allegations were “malicious”, even saying she had been the one making threats.

Following a trial, he was found guilty of assault occasioning actual bodily harm and perverting the course of justice.

Shamin has a previous conviction for harassing another ex-partner.

In a statement, the victim said she has facial scarring which is likely to be permanent, and revealed the mental toll her ordeal has caused.

Defending, Steven Levine said Shamin is “genuinely remorseful”.

Recorder Mark Ford QC replied: “I find that rather difficult to accept.”

He told Shamin the hotel room attack was “extremely serious”.

He said:

“I find as a fact that you plied that woman with drink in order to ensure that she was intoxicated.”

“You compounded that conduct by then continuing what might be termed a campaign of intimidation against her.

“It seems to me, having heard the evidence at trial, that you are a controlling individual.”

Shamin was jailed for three years.

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