5 Things You Didn’t Know About Shannon Singh

Shannon Singh has become very popular since Love Island. Here are five things you perhaps didn’t know about the ex-glamour model.

"I think it’s made our family who we are."

Former glamour model Shannon Singh continues to attract online attention.

The 23-year-old from Fife came into the limelight when she entered Love Island in 2021.

However, she had a shock exit after just two days in the villa.

Despite her short stint on the reality show, Shannon remains a popular contestant.

She regularly posts alluring Instagram pictures and models for the likes of Savage x Fenty, Nasty Gal and PrettyLittleThing.

Shannon was also a glamour model and her confidence was on full display when she previously spoke about her sex life, boasting that she has it eight times a day.

But some aspects of her life are less well known.

We explore five things you may not know about Shannon Singh.

Her Dad was a Stripper

Shannon Singh 3

Before entering Love Island, Shannon Singh revealed that her father Narinder used to be a stripper.

On the podcast, Brown Girls Do It Too, Shannon spoke about her dad’s previous profession.

She had said: “I think it’s jokes and I think it’s made our family who we are.

“Me, my mum and dad, and my brother are very open, we’re very honest as a family and I can speak to mum and dad about anything, they’re a great support system.”

Shannon admitted that at first, she and her brother did not realise why they would be in a Honda with “sweet cheeks” written on it in pink.

She continued: “When we got to high school, people would be like ‘your dad done my mum’s hen do’.

“[My brother and I] had a bit of a mortifying stage. Now I think it’s jokes. Indian guy stripper, you just don’t expect it.”

But she is proud of her father and her unorthodox upbringing.

“When people hear the name Singh, people automatically assume that I’m from a traditional Indian household, but it’s like polar opposites.

“Bless my dad – it was a long, long time ago he was a stripper, but it shows you I haven’t been brought up in a ­traditional household and I’m proud to say I haven’t.”

She is a Gamer on Twitch

Shannon Singh 2

While Shannon is best known for modelling and her brief Love Island appearance, one lesser-known fact is that she enjoys gaming.

She is an avid fan of Call of Duty and streams her gaming sessions on Twitch.

On Love Island in June 2021, Shannon told fellow contestant Aaron Francis:

“I game, I Twitch, I play COD. No I actually play it like really good.”

Shannon’s Twitch account username is @ShannonSinghhh and she has more than 14,000 followers.

Her account is mainly focused on gaming but Shannon also shares ‘get ready with me’ style videos. She revealed that she is also open to Mukbang, which is when people eat and chat on camera.

Her Mother encouraged her to Pursue Glamour Modelling

5 Things You Didn't Know About Shannon Singh

Shannon has said that both her parents are supportive of her career.

But it was her mother Yvonne who encouraged her to pursue a career in glamour modelling at 18.

She recalled: “My mum was like, ‘You should do glamour, you should do page three’.

“She took the topless photos of me and we sent them off to a London agency and I got signed within 11 minutes.”

“It never bothered me, I think I’ve always been really confident with my body.

“Boobs are just boobs, I really don’t get the big hoo-ha with them.

“I’m probably getting judged so much. My mum and dad have never made it an issue.

“I do have to thank my mum for it and I probably wouldn’t have done it if she hadn’t encouraged me.”

She Used a Different Name during Glamour Modelling

During her glamour modelling days, Shannon Singh used to go under the name Alexa Campbell or Alexa Singh.

She had a prominent following on OnlyFans, posting topless photos.

The stunning reality star recalled: “When I first started doing glamour, my Instagram used to be so raunchy.

“I used to have topless photos with the censored nipples.”

Despite the following, Shannon was subjected to trolling.

“I get so much s*** from Asian guys.

“My DM’s are flooded with messages like, ‘you are a disgrace, you are a f***ing s**t’, ‘take the Singh out of your name’. I get hate, trust me.

“I ignore it, it doesn’t bother me. I’m like, you’re such an angry little man.”

But ‘Alexa’ was forced to delete her OnlyFans after coming across a Reddit thread in which there were discussions about sharing her content.

Shannon also ditched the Alexa name from her business.

Despite quitting OnlyFans, she returned to the platform four months later but insisted she would not share any explicit content.

She added: “I don’t really post any of that anymore because I’m trying to go more commercial.

“I’ve just never bothered about posting sexy content. I think it’s so empowering.

“I do get a lot of brown girls messaging me like ‘babe, you’re such an inspiration’. If I can pave the way I’ll pave the way.”

She has a Body Positivity Campaign

Shannon Singh admits Love Island Wasn't for her 2

Since her Love Island exit, Shannon Singh has started her own body positivity campaign called #ilovemine.

It encourages people to post pictures, embracing themselves.

On the campaign, Shannon said: “I did the campaign to push out a positive message and to encourage people to post stuff they wouldn’t usually post.

“I want people to be like, ‘this is my body, and no one is going to make me feel shameful for anything I’ve ever done. I’m proud of who I am’.

“The campaign was to try to get people on Instagram to stop being so perfect.”

While it received a positive response, some fans were confused why Shannon started it in the first place.

She responded: “I’ve had loads of people asking me why I am promoting a campaign like this ‘looking the way I do’.

“But of course, I have insecurities of my own.

“The amount of people who have made comments about my teeth has been really sad.

“People have told me I have ‘shark teeth’ and that I need to get veneers.”

Shannon has been approached by cosmetic brands but she has turned them down because she wants to “embrace” her teeth.

Shannon continues to be a popular figure among Love Island fans.

Since leaving the villa, she has landed numerous modelling deals and has enjoyed several holidays in exotic locations.

As an influencer, Shannon Singh can only become more popular, especially among the younger generation and British Asians.

Dhiren is a journalism graduate with a passion for gaming, watching films and sports. He also enjoys cooking from time to time. His motto is to “Live life one day at a time.”

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