5 Indian Cartoonists to Follow on Instagram

Instagram is full of cartoonists creating amazing art. DESIblitz presents 5 Indian cartoonists you can follow on the social media site.

5 Indian Cartoonists to Follow on Instagram f1

"Most of my clothes are airy, most of them can also work as sleepwear."

Indian cartoonists on Instagram are the perfect way to brighten up your social media feed.

It is easy to get addicted to scrolling aimlessly through Instagram posts. Sometimes we can see the ‘ideal’ lives people are showcasing online and feel a little low.

But we have the right antidote as we explore popular Indian cartoonists on Instagram.

These artists can make you laugh with their relatability and get you gasping with their artistic skill.

What makes them even more interesting is that their accounts include content that is specifically relevant to desi Instagram users. What’s not to love?

Let’s take a closer look at our 5 favourite Indian cartoonists on Instagram, and why you should be following them:

@aliciasouza: The Most Wholesome


Instagrammers love Alicia Souza for her lighthearted and wholesome content.

It is difficult to choose one favourite cartoon of hers. Though the relatable comic where she sketches the simple pleasures of life is great. These simple pleasures include the pitter-patter of puppy feet and the warmth of freshly-ironed clothes.

Her detailed sketch of twenty habits of super happy people is also the perfect mood-booster.

In this piece, she has drawn twenty different habits, which bring happiness. These habits include spending money on others, looking on the bright side of things, and surrounding yourself with happy people.

Alicia is a female artist, so some of her work is particularly relevant to her female followers.

For example one of her cartoons shows a group of girls shopping and taking selfies. Above the drawing, there is a title stating that this is what girls rarely do when they hang out.

In another drawing, she highlights a group of girls snuggled up in one bed laughing. The drawing is accompanied by a title expressing that this is what girls mostly do when they spend time together.

Check out her wholesome content for yourself on her Instagram page.


@brownpaperbagcomics: The Most Indian


Up next we have Brown Paperbag Comics by Sailesh Gopalan. This artist refers to his Instagram page as an Indian webcomic.

His comics are hilarious with a desi twist. One includes a group of girls playing with an Ouija board. They gather around excitedly to see what one of the girls’ dead aunt is trying to tell them.

They wonder if the aunt will tell them about a hidden treasure, or some secret murder. In the end, they discover the aunt simply wants to know how the girl did in her recent examinations.

Under this particular artwork, comments are made on how relatable something like this is for the desi audience. His South Asian followers love it.

Another example is a girl happily celebrating Holi. She exclaims:

“Happy Holi! The joyous festival of colours!”

The remainder of the cartoon strip shows her being splashed not only with Holi paint. Her body becomes covered in unpleasant things such as grease, mud, eggs and even tears.

It is a funny reality check of what Holi celebrations can actually be like, no matter how much fun people are having.

To check out more of his comics, click here.


@doodleodrama: The Most Relatable

5 Indian Cartoonists to Follow on Instagram - IA 3.1

Sometimes you want to log on to Instagram and see a user who gets it. A piece of art that just makes you feel normal, validated and not alone.

That is exactly what Mounica Tata does with her Instagram comics, which are displayed on the page verified as doodleodrama.

Tata does not hide from her less perfect sides. In fact, she embraces them.

She also discusses serious topics surrounding Indian culture such as sexual health education. She manages to balance out these posts with art that makes us laugh and instantly double-tap.

One striking piece of art of hers acts as a guide on how to eat fries.

She insists that her readers should eat as many fries as possible in one go.

She warns us that if you have friends who eat one fry at a time, they might not be a true friend.

Another shows a comic of her with another girl. The lady tells her that she admires her “boyfriend look” but these are just the regular clothes of Mounica Tata.

The caption of this post informs the reader that comfort is the number one priority for Tata when it comes to picking clothes. She says in her caption:

“Most of my clothes are airy, most of them can also work as sleepwear.”

If you would like to see more relatable posts of hers, follow her on Instagram.


@straycurls: The Most Specific


There seems to be an Instagram account for everything. All interests can be catered to.

One specific Instagram account we love is @straycurls by cartoonist, Angela Mary Vaz. This Indian arist creates cartoon strips on the ups and downs of being a curly-haired woman in India.

In one of her posts, she explains that when she was growing up she hated her hair. She wanted to have smooth and shiny hair like the other girls around her.

One day, however, she came across an influencer on social media who had curly hair. She learned to embrace her curls and take care of them. She now loves her natural hair.

A popular cartoon strip by Vaz includes drying her hair with a diffuser. Vaz tells the reader that she loves the way using a diffuser brings her curls to life.

The next cartoon shows her still drying her hair twenty minutes later, then forty minutes later.

Finally, we see Vaz as a skeleton after many many years have passed, with her hair finally being perfectly dry. This is something that anyone with curly hair can relate to!

Vaz also wants to spread a message that all hair is beautiful and should be appreciated.

Sometimes when people only look at what magazines tell us is perfect hair, they can feel inadequate. The Instagram account of Vaz reminds people to embrace what makes them unique – our own hairstyles.

To see more, click here.


@kennethseb: The Most Laughable


Kenny Sebastian is a stand-up comedian who also makes cartoon strips for his Instagram account, @kennethseb. They follow the life of him and his pet dog, Chip.

Chip is given a full personality and dialogue in his comics, which are guaranteed to make you laugh.

His cartoons are particularly funny if you have a dog of your own. Even though our own pets cannot talk, it is easy to imagine that if they could, they would speak like Chip.

One of our favourite cartoon strips shows Chip discovering that Kenny had a dog before he owned Chip. Like a jealous boyfriend or girlfriend, he interrogates Kenny.

When Kenny tells him all the good things about the previous dog he owned, Chip proceeds to burn the photograph of his former dog in anger.

Another fascinating cartoon is of Chip performing a dramatic monologue when Kenny asks him to “play dead.”

To swipe through cartoon strips by Kenneth Sebastien on Instagram, click here.


From comics that make you laugh to those that make your heart melt, these Indian cartoonists have you covered.

We recommend following these cartoonists and their Instagram accounts if you want some impressive art to brighten up your life.

Ciara is a Liberal Arts graduate who loves to read, write, and travel. She’s interested in history, migration and international relations. Her hobbies include photography and making the perfect iced coffee. Her motto is “stay curious.”

Images courtesy of Alicia Souza, Brown Paperbag Comics, Mounica Tata, Angela Mary Vaz and Kenny Sebastian

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