10 Best Football Pages on Instagram to Follow

Instagram is an informative site for fans who love ‘The Beautiful Game.’ We list the 10 best football pages to follow on Instagram.

10 Best Football Pages on Instagram to Follow - f1

"Joe Cole is hilarious. I love these digital discussions."

There are hundreds of football pages on Instagram that provide interesting content for fans of this sport.

Some of these Instagram handles have followers and subscribers in millions.

The fans can access football news, pre-match/post-match interviews and behind the scenes action through such Instagram channels.

Of course, there are traditional methods of getting daily football dose from TV, radio and Print.

But these football pages come up with unique, engaging and creative content that keeps the social media savvy generation captivated.

These pages have become so popular among the fans, that they are now a staple in their everyday Insta scroll.

Let’s take a look at 10 top football pages that are sure to become your favourite source of trivia.


10 Best Football Pages to Follow on Instagram-IA1 (1)


433 is one of the most followed football pages on Instagram. It has over 36 million followers, which is more than the following of some famous football players.

The name of the page is a reference to the 4-3-3 player formation in the game. The account’s bio rightly calls it ‘The Home of Football.’

433 was one of the forebearers of football graphics and visuals. This is something that has become a rage in the media.

The page has almost everything you want to know about a game. This includes unique graphics on match results, goals scored and player celebrations.

There is an abundance of innovative visuals inspired by movie posters and pop culture themes blended with football trivia.

Every time a game ends, fans can count on 433 to relay the match information first on their feed.

Many players also follow the page and repost its content on their own profiles.

One of their followers @rodrigordcamaral said in a comment:

“I am amazed at how you come up with such innovative graphics for every game. I love it!”

10 Best Football Pages to Follow on Instagram-IA2

Additionally, 433 has an option on its official website where anyone can upload any interesting football of yourself or your friends playing the sport.

The best part is, if the 433 team likes it, they post it on their page and help you get noticed by millions of people.

Give the handle a follow if you like super creative football graphics.


10 Best Football Pages to Follow on Instagram-IA3

Bleacher Report (BR) Football is a very sought after page on Instagram with more than 8 million followers.

BR began with a platform where one could access all the popular sports in America but football gained the most attention.

It was then decided to come up with a page solely dedicated to ‘The Beautiful Game.’

The page specialises in original animations and cartoons of players and teams. Their graphic designs are both very creative and informative at the same time.

BR introduced the original idea to have a micro cartoon series on Champions League seasons.

It is titled ‘The Champions’ and has been running for over 4 seasons.

10 Best Football Pages to Follow on Instagram-IA4

The series features a football mansion where all the big names of the UEFA Champions League cohabit.

There is sarcasm, humour and lots of indirect references that make it a very entertaining watch.

It is a must-follow page if anyone wishes to quickly find out about what’s happening in the football world.

It has over 41k posts, which tells a lot about its daily output.

BR gives you the scoop on who is going where, who scored, who missed, who lost, which manager got the sack and everything else.


10 Best Football Pages to Follow on Instagram-IA5

Oh My Goal (OMG) has a narrative bent to its content, making it different from the other football pages.

The page mostly posts video-based content.

It is followed by over 1.5 million people across the globe. This is very impressive given the competition on Instagram.

OMG makes a lot of information-based videos that answer common and contextual questions related to football.

Some of the titles of these videos include:

“‘Who invented this game?’, ‘Why do goalkeepers spit on their gloves?”, ‘Why does Benzema play with his bandage on?’ and ‘Guess the player’.”

Furthermore, the handle post videos in a news reporter style format where an anchor explains a certain incident or issue in a game.

10 Best Football Pages to Follow on Instagram-IA6

The page has hosts and team members that continuously create funny and relatable football content.

OMG even posts interesting videos of the street and local football.

An admirer of the page @sayyamshahzad commented on Instagram:

“I come here to see the local street videos. This is what we can’t get to see on TV.”

Here you can find football memes, interesting graphics, informative snippets, question-answer style narrative videos, street football captures and player/manager comments.

Follow this page if you want to know interesting football facts presented through small videos.

Anyone can just watch these while travelling or waiting for a friend.


10 Best Football Pages to Follow on Instagram-IA7

The profile caption of 90 Minute handle is ‘Handing football back to the fans.”

With followers beyond 1 million, it is one of the most data and information based football pages out there.

The page produces a lot of clean and structured infographics and is backed by a well-known media company called Minute Media.

The posts uploaded on the page are simple, full of data and figures.

The player/manager quotes are presented through neat and to-the-point visuals.

90 Minute Football usually uses original and real pictures of people. This is quite a contrast to the highly edited and animated pictures on other pages.

The platform is similar to traditional media outlets in terms of addressing breaking news and holding interviews.

10 Best Football Pages to Follow on Instagram-IA8

The Instagram handle also has rankings like Top 5, Top 10 and so forth of best young players, managers, teams and other football things.

The ‘Original Score Predictor’ series is an original offering from the handle that predicts the scores of Premier League games before they happen.

In April 2021 90 Minute did an exclusive feature on Kyle Walker (Manchester City).

The player took fans on a tour of Manchester and showed them his favourite places. It received a lot of likes on Instagram.

If you like to know a few background facts before a game, you can head straight to 90 Minute Football.


10 Beast Football Pages to Follow on Instagram-IA9

talkSPORT is not just an Instagram page but also a very very popular football radio station.

It is followed by renowned journalists and football players in the world.

The platform is known for inviting ex-players who do question-answer sessions with their fans via Instagram.

talkSPORT has its own team of reputable journalists who produce content for the social media channel.

The commentators on the page also run a series where they give live news and full-time updates from the ground.

The channel even has a very famous video podcast called ‘talkSPORT Breakfast’ hosted by prominent journalist Laura Woods.

Many famous personalities like Jurgen Klopp have appeared on the handle. It is amongst the most known football pages and names in the footballing world.

10 Best Football Pages to Follow on Instagram-IA10

In terms of posts, talkSPORT likes to use lots of writing on its pictures.

Although the captions are often one-liners, the pictures have all the information needed by the fans.

This includes player comparisons, stats, random facts, historical numbers, trophies won, shots on target, match trivia and everything else football related.

If you want to listen to icons like Jamie Carragher talk about football on a podcast, then this is your place.


10 Best Football Pages to Follow on Instagram-IA11

Like the bio reads, Transfermarkt focuses on transfers and the market value of players.

The football page has amassed over 4 million followers, with the numbers keep increasing.

The page also uses a lot of simple graphics that contain all the key figures and market prices that fans like to know.

Reporting on transfers as well as potential buying and selling of players from one club to another is the main aim of this page.

Additionally, one can find picture series on the transfer of players to rival clubs. top 4 teams across major European domestic leagues and one season wonders.

10 Best Football Pages to Follow on Instagram-IA12

Transfermrkt posts about transfer rumours, done deals, most expensive players, predicted line ups to name a few.

@albert_ruvell expressed his love of the page, writing:

“I thought Ramos was the most valued Real Madrid player. It’s Courtois.”

“Thank god for Transfermrkt, otherwise, I’d be sounding like a fool to my friends.”

The content on the page is fact-figure specific and is very easy on the eye.

Fans can gather all the information they want from a quick glance at the pictures.

The channel is big on infographics, which is like the trend of the century in sports media.

There are posts where fans can even vote for their favourite player of the weekend.

Transfermrkt also holds regular jersey giveaways to keep its followers coming back for more.

If anyone wants to know a players price and potential market value, they might want to follow this page.


10 Best Football Pages to Follow on Instagram-IA13 (2)

Squawka Football is among the leading football pages on Instagram that caters to the numbers of the game.

The page is growing at a great speed. Every single graphic post talks about figures.

Squawka has it all – be it goals scored, assists, tackles won, aerial duels, conversion rate, defeats and conceded goals,

The page also makes comparisons between players. Squawka uses a 90-minute stat analysis that is depicted via infographics and charts.

These comparisons also extend to videos through, which performances of ex-players are pitted against existing footballers.

10 Best Football Pages to Follow on Instagram-IA14

In addition, Squawka makes very short documentary-style feature videos on clubs, their history and relating to ex-players.

These videos are full of stats and figures too.

Furthermore, the platform offers video compilations of a players’ old matches or statements.

The page is so technical and fact-based that one can spot heat maps and other performance-related data at regular intervals of time.

Squawka will not let fans down who like to keep constant tabs on the numbers of the game,


10 Best Football Pages to Follow on Instagram-IA15

888sport is one of the most authentic content creating football pages on Instagram.

It has a humble following of over 25 thousand followers.

The bio on the page accurately describes what it offers. It is indeed the’ Home of fan debate.’

888sport heavily makes content through IGTV (Instagram TV), Instagram videos and Instagram Reels. It regularly holds fan debates and conversations.

The guests participating in the banter and discussion are usually members or heads of official supporters’ organisations.

These people are ardent fans of their respective clubs and are well versed with all the ins and outs of their team.

The discussions often become very heated and passionate but remain informative and engrossing.

The content on 888sport is mostly fan held, fan-led and fan concerned.

10 Best Football Pages to Follow on Instagram-IA16

Although there is occasional content about other sports on the page, football floods most of their posts.

The channel also has very fascinating cartoon graphics of players and managers to provide some static content to the fans.

Additionally, 888sport produces 2-D, simple animations that pay tribute to iconic goals scored by players for various football clubs.

If anyone wants to know what the fans think, then follow this page.


10 Best Football Pages to Follow on Instagram-IA17

FootballJOE is a great destination for daily football dose. The page has more than 2 million people following it.

It strikes the right balance between video and picture content.

Original pictures are converted into infographics and used with breaking news, player comments and match results.

FootballJOE also focuses on the statements of players, managers and authoritative figures in the sport.

There are numerous quotes readily available for the fans to read.

Ex England international Joe Cole is a regular on the platform and holds conversations with various football personalities.

In the interviews, they reminisce about the old days, analyse matches and talk about ongoing hot topics in the game.

10 Best Football Pages to Follow on Instagram-IA18

Some of these discussions include”

“‘What retired footballers miss about the game’; ‘What it’s like to deal with Ronaldo?’; ‘Sergio Aguero: City’s Greatest Striker ever?’.”

One of the pages follower @chrisalta showed his love of the page by saying:

“Joe Cole is hilarious. I love these digital discussions. I am always checking the page for these. “So insightful. Tom Davis is a great host.”

FootballJOE also offers very enlightening video content like ‘Gambling on Football Index.’

For this particular video, the channel team spoke to traders who lost their life savings in the sudden collapse of the ‘Football Index.’

Another English Legendary player Ashley Cole is the brand ambassador of the page and makes an occasional funny appearance.

FootballJOE is a great addition for fans who want an insight into the game from experts on the sport.


FTBL is one football page that heavily relies on funny, meme-like content and fan videos.

The page is extremely popular and has more than 5 million followers.

The platform is for fans who like some light-hearted banter that can entertain as well as educate them.

This page has plenty to offer for fans of street football and those that enjoy seeing football skills by ordinary people.

The channel comes up with entertaining and creative picture series like ‘Time travel FIFA edition’ and ‘cartoon football lookalikes.’

FTBL anchor Chris Hamill also frequently tackles interesting topics in videos on the page.

He has previously produced visual material on footballer’s fashion, player decline best kits and other topics.

10 Best Football Pages to Follow on Instagram-IA20

The page is popular for its humour but also generates informative content, like ‘How the Manchester United crest evolved.’

Some other topics they have dealt with are ‘How the managers would look in their team’s kits’ and ‘Players’ new haircuts.’

FTBL is a page where anyone can come to have a laugh at the expense of football and leave with some fresh knowledge.

In this busy day and age, social media, especially Instagram, has quickly become a source of daily news and educational content.

Sports and football fans, in particular, are very passionate about their teams and want in on every single aspect of the game.

The information one gathers should be able to hold attention and be correct as well. Therefore, choosing the right pages and platforms is very important.

The above 10 pages will help fans keep tabs on all the latest football-related updates as well as binge on interesting information and trivia.

Gazal is an English Literature and Media and Communications graduate. She loves football, fashion, travelling, films and photography. She believes in confidence and kindness and lives by the motto: "Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire."

images courtesy of Instagram and Reuters.

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