Arjan Singh Bhullar is first Indian MMA World Heavyweight Champion

Arjan Singh Bhullar defeated veteran Brandon Vera in the World Heavyweight MMA ONE championship match and made history.

Arjun Singh Buller is first-ever Indian Origin MMA World Champion f

"India, we got one now! Your first world champion, baby. Let's go!"

Arjan Singh Bhullar, who is living in Canada, has been crowned Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) World Heavyweight Champion, making history as the first-ever Indian person to win the ONE Championship’s title.

The MMA fight called ‘One:Dangal’ took place in Singapore between Arjun Singh Bhullar and Brandon Vera.

Bhullar took the victory defeating Vera 16-9-1 via a Technical Knock Out (TKO).

Due to Covid-19, the fight was postponed after it being scheduled for 2020.

Bhullar went for gold at the ONE Championship after he turned to MMA after being a wrestler originally.

The 35-year-old became a professional MMA fighter in 2014. He left the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) to join the ONE Championship to pursue this goal.

The Vera bout comes after Bhullar had won three prior fights.

The two-round fight gave Bhullar the victory he had been waiting to clinch.

In the first round, Vera got the better of Bhullar with some early shots. But Bhullar soon retaliated and applied pressure on Vera against the cage and succeeded with a takedown.

Bhullar realised fighting to the ground is the way to go.

During the second round, the Indian fighter showed a lot more prowess against Vera despite his swings and hit him with a big shot on the chin with a perfect move. The round gave Bhullar the edge with more jabs hitting the target and a takedown.

The crowds supporting Bhullar were shouting: “Every shot hurts!”

Even with Brandon trying to get his composure back Bhullar maintained a continuous flow of punches and hits. On the ground, the pounding from Bhullar led him to use fists which he hammered into his opponent.

At 4.27 minutes into the second round, the referee decided to step in and halt the fight.

The win ended up in rapturous applaud and cheers from his support as Bhullar stood up to welcome his heavyweight champion win after seven years of waiting.

The win has made him proud of his origin and he is over the moon to put the country on the MMA map. After the fight shouting to his fans he said:

“India, we got one now! Your first world champion, baby. Let’s go!”

Speaking about his planning for the fight, Bhullar said:

“We were gonna box him up, put him in that range, wrestle him, pressure him, break him. That was the plan. You didn’t name this Dangal for no effing reason.”

He held up the Indian Gadaa (gold club) with pride and said:

“I won this in a Dangal. This is for the grand champions, that’s where this comes from.”

“Only the best, only the biggest, only the baddest get one of these. So you best believe I was gonna perform tonight.”

Having won this title, Arjan Singh Bhullar has now shown he is a force to reckoned with in the MMA arena and after called out for a fight with Korean fighter Ji Won Kang (5-0) who is undefeated.

In addition, holding his newly won MMA belt Bhullar said:

“I have won the pinnacle of this support. AEW, WWE I’m coming for you guys next. Consider this a warning shot.

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Images courtesy of ONE Championship

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