20 Great Sex Tips for Pakistani Men

No matter how experienced or not you are, these sex tips will help boost the sexual chemistry in the bedroom for ultimate satisfaction.

"It’s important for women to have successful foreplay"

No matter the level of experience a man has in the bedroom, they can always benefit from some sex tips to freshen things up.

These techniques and methods span a range of things such as exploring fantasies, foreplay and delaying ejaculation.

But, why are these things important?

Well firstly, things can get sexually boring when repeating the same cycle so these sex tips can provide some much-needed fresheners.

Secondly, for those men less experienced, they can help make each sexual interaction as pleasurable as possible – for themselves and the woman.

So, here are the best 20 sex tips to lead a more fulfilling sex life.

A Good and Healthy Diet

20 Great Sex Tips for Pakistani Men

Traditional South Asian food is full of spices that surprisingly most of them contribute to sexual performance.

Whilst some foods should be eaten in moderation, there are certain meals men can have that will improve blood flow.

This flow is important as it results in longer erections and a sustained sex drive.

Certain ingredients like chillies will help trigger your metabolism, therefore, increasing blood flow all over your body.

Likewise, ginger and turmeric can boost a man’s sexual health and have also been proven to enhance male fertility.

Or, try more subtle yet helpful foods such as cardamom and cinnamon which you can also have in both food and drinks.

DESIblitz went into detail about some recipes that can help boost sex drive in men, so take a look here.

Good Hygiene and Smelling Good

20 Great Sex Tips for Pakistani Men

This may come as no surprise but having a good sense of hygiene is imperative for a fulfilling sex life.

Daily showers are of course the bare minimum a man should do, but there are further steps to take if you really want to impress your partner.

Firstly, regularly grooming your groin area is an important step. Excess hair will retain moisture and can leave a certain odour that is unattractive.

Whilst some hair is fine, it’s good to keep it maintained so it’s comfortable and smells better.

This is also the same for the armpits as well, especially for men who are active in their daily lives.

Moisturing after showers, grooming or shaving can lock in soothing scents that will help your partner stay close to you during sex.

Manscaped do a range of products to help with men’s grooming and can leave all parts of you smelling fresh.


20 Great Sex Tips for Pakistani Men

One of the best sex tips we can offer is to exercise – whether that’s in the gym, going for a light jog or even doing a small circuit at home.

A lack of movement or activity can contribute to fatigue in the bedroom.

And, there’s nothing worse than your partner waiting for you to catch your breath so you can continue – it can kill the mood and leave them dissatisfied.

But, this does not need to be complicated. A lot of men think they have to become bodybuilders to have great sex, which is untrue.

Simple bodyweight exercises like squats, crunches and push-ups can instantly strengthen your core and lower body which are used the most during sex.

Exercise can also help your self-confidence in general as well. So, this feel-good factor will result in more fulfilling and positive sexual moments.


20 Great Sex Tips for Pakistani Men

With Pakistani men, communication and compromise are heavily important in a relationship/marriage.

The better these two elements are, the better the sex will be.

A 2019 study in The Journal of Sex Research included 12,145 participants to see how true this was and it found:

“Talking with a partner about sexual concerns seems to be associated with better sexual function.”

“This relationship was most consistent for orgasm function and overall sexual function — and uniquely related to women’s sexual desire.”

South Asian men shouldn’t feel less masculine to discuss these things.

Talking about each other’s preferences, fantasies, dos and donts not only brings two people closer together but you understand each other’s bodies too.

It means, when having sex, you know exactly what to do for her to achieve maximum satisfaction – so it can work out easier for yourself in the long run.

But also, you can orgasm just as intensely as your partner will be aware of your turn-ons.

Explore Fantasies

20 Great Sex Tips for Pakistani Men

Culturally in Pakistan, sexual fantasies aren’t talked about too much but that does not mean they aren’t carried out.

Adding some fantasies to the bedroom can help improve sexual chemistry and add a new dimension to orgasms.

Even within Pakistani culture where couples may feel more uncomfortable with sexual fantasies, there is a range of things that they can try if they are open to it.

Things like role play, different clothes, or having sex in another location are all ways to break away from the same sexual routine.

Whilst fantasies should always be consensual by both parties, it is a chance for couples to explore new sensations with each other.

Let Her Take Control

20 Great Sex Tips for Pakistani Men

One of the most considerate sex tips a man can put into action is letting the woman take control.

This is not in a submissive fetish way, but rather letting her take the lead and do what she wants to do.

Sometimes, women may feel shy and reserved when engaging in sex – especially if it’s for their first time. So, going at her pace is imperative.

In Pakistani culture, women tend to be modest so can act the same when engaging in sexual activity.

So, making her more comfortable and relaxed will mean the sex will be better for both of you.

This ties into good communication as well. Men should make it known that things can go slow or quick, depending on how the woman wants to proceed.

Allowing her to have this control means an increased sense of intimacy between both of you and in turn, more intense intercourse.


20 Great Sex Tips for Pakistani Men

Adding to important sex tips are expectations that sex needs to be a certain way – it doesn’t.

True sexual intercourse is the sense of pleasure between a couple, achieving this in the most desired way possible – there is no right or wrong way.

However, expecting certain things during sex can lead to disappointments. Porn has had the biggest impact on unrealistic expectations of sex.

It’s important to go into intercourse with an open mind. In some cases, the process will be completely different from how one imagines it to be, but it must be as natural as possible.

Sex therapist, Dr Westberg reiterates this point:

“A discrepancy in what we expect and what we really experience leads to sexual problems including low sexual desire, erectile problems, rapid ejaculation, and other sexual performance issues.”

Therefore, try and cut the outside noise and pay attention more to your partner’s turn-ons and what they find appealing.

Kegel Exercises

20 Great Sex Tips for Pakistani Men

As previously stated, weekly exercise is good for sexual health and can have extreme benefits to performance.

In regards to certain movements men can do, pelvic floor exercises are terrific ways to strengthen the hips and glutes which are used during certain positions.

Kegel exercises are movements where you repeatedly contract and relax the muscles that form around this body part.

Not only does this improve the flow of blood to the groin, but men can achieve firmer erections doing this.

It also helps to delay ejaculations as you get better at contracting the muscles.

Try laying on your back with your hands flat on the floor. Keep your knees bent, pointing upwards, and thrust. As you thrust up, hold it for five seconds and release.

You can also try sitting in a chair and squeezing your penis as if you are trying to stop urine from coming out. Again, hold for five seconds and release.

This can vastly evolve your muscle stamina and help you go for longer, especially when in certain positions like missionary or doggy.

Importance of Romance

20 Great Sex Tips for Pakistani Men

Sex tips don’t just relate to intercourse, but are also helpful in enhancing the romantic connection between a couple.

An improved sense of intimacy helps build better relationships but also boosts sexual chemistry.

Romance can sometimes be overlooked within marriage and when a routine starts kicking in, partners can go days without being affectionate.

However, being romantic doesn’t have to be physical. In fact, that’s just one dimension of it.

The non-physical romance is what makes a huge difference.

Complementing your partner, reminding them of their value to you, making them laugh, or simply buying them flowers can work wonders.

This in turn will create such a deep bond that sex will become much more passionate, erotic and pleasurable.

So, try going on a nice date, holding hands, watching a movie or even taking a walk together. There is no sex if there is no romance.

Try Massages

20 Great Sex Tips for Pakistani Men

Massages can help create a deeper sense of intimacy between partners, especially in South Asian couples where they can sometimes forget to sustain this closeness.

Not only do massages help one to relax, but there are certain techniques to use where you can hit the seduction points of the body.

Things like a tantric massage have been proven to benefit health and sex life.

In turn, this will tease your partner’s excitement and make intercourse much more romantic.

Steven McGough, an associate professor of clinical sexology told Bustle seven key steps men can take to create this environment.

These don’t have to happen simultaneously, even implementing a few of these massage techniques can be vital for a night of passion:

  • Gently rub the ears, massaging all parts, including the ear lobes.
  • Massage the forehead and scalp with your fingertips.
  • Use the palm of your hand to press along their collarbone, rubbing the outside shoulder inward and back.
  • Grasp each forearm and squeeze as firmly as your partner likes from the top of the forearm to the hand. Then do this on the hand, squeezing each finger.
  • Using the desired firmness, press on your partner’s abdomen and rub clockwise in a circular motion.
  • Rub your hand firmly along the outside of your partner’s thigh and sweep from the knee to the hip and then do the same on the inside of the thigh.

Try these out for yourself!

Why Foreplay?

20 Great Sex Tips for Pakistani Men

Dr Ruth Westheimer, a psychosexual therapist expressed why foreplay is so vital:

“It’s important for women to have successful foreplay because it takes a woman a longer time [than a man] to get up to the level of arousal needed to orgasm.”

Also, one of the best things about foreplay is that it covers a spectrum of sex acts like kissing and touching each other’s bodies.

Foreplay is another chance of making your partner more comfortable before sex. It’s like a warm-up before the main event.

Especially in Pakistani culture where some women engage in sex for the first time on their wedding night, foreplay can allow them to feel more relaxed.

Therefore, assuring good chat and prolonged foreplay can make the night memorable and special.

Some people also believe that climaxing can be achieved by using foreplay alone and this is a massive turn-on – for women particularly.

Kissing and Using Your Tongue

20 Great Sex Tips for Pakistani Men

Kissing and the different techniques you can use aren’t often discussed, especially in South Asian communities.

But, there are many ways partners can get aroused by using just the lips and tongue.

Maintaining eye contact is an important step here when leaning in and then closing your eyes whilst kissing can make things very passionate.

Mix things up by slowing down the pace and enjoying each other’s lips. This can turn both yourself and your partner on and raise the heat levels in the bedroom.

As part of this, slowly caress your partner’s head and gently pull them in by cupping the back of their neck.

You can also kiss or lick their neck and see how they respond. Remember, it’s important to not take things overboard and you should kiss at the pace your partner is comfortable with.

But equally, it’s good to switch the speed up and if they like it, they will make it known.

Explore and Learn

20 Great Sex Tips for Pakistani Men

In some cases, men can be selfish and assume women like to be pleasured in certain ways without learning about what they’re interested in.

Every woman is different and will get excited by certain things. So, it’s the role of the man to explore these avenues and experiment with arousal techniques.

You could kiss her ears, bite her inner thigh, lick her neck or feel their body.

See how the woman reacts to these methods and she will let out a moan, sigh or expression which will indicate if she likes it.

It’s also good to use a series of acts during foreplay like dirty talk and feeling her body to heighten her sense of arousal.

Amazing sex isn’t always achieved through full penetration and many women can reach orgasm through teasing and foreplay.

Use Good Quality Condoms

20 Great Sex Tips for Pakistani Men

In the modern world, more South Asian and especially British Asian people are engaging in sex before marriage.

Therefore, it’s important for men to practice safe sex as it can prevent STIs and unplanned pregnancies, the latter being a major stigma in South Asian culture.

Although in some cases, condoms can limit the sensation that you would normally get with unprotected sex, there are high-quality condoms that mimic this feeling.

Of course, Trojan and Durex condoms sit at the top of that list but there is a catalogue of companies catering to different needs.

You can also get condoms that have different designs like extra thin, non-latex, and flavoured.

There are also products available in different materials and designs which can actually enhance stimulation through ridges that rub against the penis.

Use Sex Toys

20 Great Sex Tips for Pakistani Men

Sex toys are quite a taboo in South Asian culture and the first thing men usually think of are toys used on women.

However, props like blindfolds, vibrators and handcuffs can all be used to enhance sexual intercourse.

Every so often, women enjoy when men use toys on them and between a Pakistani couple, this is more than culturally acceptable.

The toys can help your partner reach orgasm quicker and give them different sensations than physical contact.

Although, engaging in physical contact like kissing or even penetration whilst using a toy can produce passionate climaxes.

More specifically, vibrators are quite good at giving a tingling feeling to both men and women.

For women, it stimulates their clitoris and during penetration, the vibrations can also feel good against the penis.

Whilst toys don’t have to be used all the time, they’re good to use every so often to mix things up.

Don’t Rush into Intercourse

20 Great Sex Tips for Pakistani Men

Jumping straight into intercourse can be uncomfortable for your partner and make them feel rushed.

Sex is about fulfilling your partner’s needs and enjoying an intimate time together.

Rushing into intercourse won’t achieve anything exciting but can also come across as selfish, especially if you climax and your partner doesn’t.

Taking your time and applying the other sex tips outlined on the list like foreplay and massages can lead to a more fulfilling experience.

Likewise, taking your time can improve your sexual performance and help you control your ejaculation – especially if you tend to orgasm quite quickly.

Taking it slow will build self-control and you will also allow your partner to express their deepest desires openly.

Women especially will also appreciate the time you’ve taken with them.

Successfully giving a woman that emotion and intimacy during sex will lead to a better sexual life.

Switch Positions

20 Great Sex Tips for Pakistani Men

One of the simplest sex tips one can offer is the importance of switching positions.

Sticking to the same positions can make sex quite boring and your partner could become disinterested in the act, especially if their in a position that tires them out.

It’s always good to share your efforts during sex and try new positions that put you out of your comfort zone.

Certain positions can also help with sexual interests and your partner may have more satisfaction from being in a new spot or stance.

Some of the most popular positions are doggy and missionary but lotus, legs up and reverse cowgirl are equally pleasurable.

Sometimes, sex becomes too routine and switching things up doesn’t need to be complicated.

Switching positions will not only make your partner feel excited, but it will also allow you to feel new sensations by doing different movements.

Delay Ejaculation Techniques

20 Best Sex Tips for Indian Men

One of the most sought-after sex tips for men is how to prolong ejaculation.

Whilst premature ejaculation is not entirely bad, it’s not the best thing to happen when your partner hasn’t reached a climax yet.

Most men aim to go for as long as possible during sex and it does take a lot of self-control to repress ejaculation, especially if the sex is going really well.

If you get close to orgasm, you can also change position or remove your penis to help stop the sensation.

But in order to help, we’ve listed some useful techniques to help resist cumming:

  • You can squeeze the end of your penis where the head meets the shaft until the sensation passes.
  • If you thrust quickly, try slowing down when getting closer to ejaculation. This will help the sensation to pass whilst still penetrating your partner.
  • Practice edging when masturbating – this is getting to the point of climax and then stopping. Then repeating this a few times to help control ejaculation.

Ejaculating before engaging in sex has also been proven to work and men may be able to prolong cumming again by an hour. However, this technique may only work for some.

So, try a few methods out next time you have sex and find the one that suits you best.

Two Way Pleasure

20 Great Sex Tips for Pakistani Men

When it comes to sex tips, it’s very important to know how vital it is that your partner orgasms and reaches full satisfaction.

A lack of attention will deter partners from having sex with you on a regular basis. They may even try and avoid it all together.

Don’t lose sight that sex takes two people and both of you deserve to enjoy it to the highest capacity.

There is also the chance that focusing on your partner and giving them an abundance of pleasure can actually excite you more.

Some people are pleasers and receivers of sex. Pleasers aim to satisfy their partner and they can orgasm off of that alone.

Whilst, receivers like to have sex acts done to them more. Whilst neither one is wrong, it’s still important to make your partner want more and more.

It’s about two of you not one of you – her orgasm matters as well!

Pull-Out Technique Not the Safest

20 Great Sex Tips for Pakistani Men

Some couples try to have unprotected sex with the aim of the man ejaculating elsewhere other than the vagina to avoid pregnancy.

However, Stephanie Langmaid of WedMD has stated this method is unreliable:

“Pulling out isn’t a very reliable way to prevent pregnancy.

“It works about 78% of the time, which means that over a year of using this method, 22 out of 100 women – about 1 in 5 – would get pregnant.

“By comparison, male condoms are 98% effective when used correctly every time.”

So, amongst the most careful sex tips to take is to realise whilst condoms aren’t the most appealing, they are the safest.

And, not just in terms of pregnancies but also with sexually transmitted diseases for those not in relationships.

However, some ways you may be able to use this method more effectively are:

  • Use it with another type of birth control like the pill.
  • Keep track of the woman’s ovulation calendar. Don’t use this method on the days when the woman is most likely to get pregnant.
  • When ejaculating, make sure none of the fluid gets on the woman’s thighs or groin. The sperm can still make its way inside the vagina.

This method should be used consensually between a couple and at their own discretion.

The sex tips outlined here will greatly improve your sexual life, performance and overall satisfaction.

These techniques, methods and approaches don’t all have to be applied at the same time. You can ease into them and see what works for you.

Also, some are easier to apply straight away like good hygiene and exercise. Others like sexual fantasies may take a little longer to get used to.

But either way, these tips can leave you and your partner more satisfied than ever before.

Balraj is a spirited Creative Writing MA graduate. He loves open discussions and his passions are fitness, music, fashion, and poetry. One of his favourite quotes is “One day or day one. You decide.”

Images courtesy of Instagram & Freepik.

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