10 Best Looks from Lakmé Fashion Week 2024

Lakmé Fashion Week returned to a long-waited audience in Mumbai. Here are the celebrity showstoppers you have to see.

10 Best Looks from Lakme? Fashion Week 2024 - F

Her outfit hugged her silhouette in all the right places.

One of the most eagerly-awaited events in the calendars of all fashion followers in India, Lakmé Fashion Week 2024 recently concluded.

Kicking off on March 13 and running until March 17, the fashion week took centre stage at the Jio World Convention in Mumbai’s Bandra Kurla Complex (BKC), with select shows making a splash at off-site locations like the iconic Mahalaxmi Race Course.

This year, the spotlight shone brightly on a diverse mix of talent—from student designers bursting onto the scene with fresh ideas to India’s crème de la crème of couturiers like Rajesh Pratap Singh, Anamika Khanna, and Shantnu Nikhil.

Additionally, homegrown brands such as Akaaro, Geisha Designs, and Kalki dazzled the runway, promising a blend of tradition and contemporary flair that was uniquely Indian.

It wouldn’t be Lakmé Fashion Week without a healthy sprinkling of celebrities.

Here are the best looks you need to see.

Tripti Dimri

10 Best Looks from Lakme? Fashion Week 2024 - 4Tripti Dimri once again left the audience spellbound with her impeccable fashion choices at the much-anticipated Lakmé Fashion Week 2024.

As the radiant leading lady of the blockbuster hit Animal, Tripti took to the runway, showcasing designs by the illustrious Shantanu and Nikhil, and in doing so, she effortlessly became the cynosure of all eyes.

Adorned in a stunning creation that seemed to weave magic with every step, Tripti personified both elegance and glamour as she gracefully navigated the runway.

Her attire, a masterpiece crafted by the visionary designer duo, was a strapless gown that seemed to capture the essence of starlight itself.

Embellished with delicate sequins, the gown shimmered with a subtle yet captivating allure.

The form-fitting skirt of the gown flowed like liquid, moving with ethereal grace, while the lace-corseted strapless top introduced an element of refined sophistication to her ensemble.

To further enhance her mesmerising look, Tripti chose to wear lace gloves, a choice that not only complemented her outfit but also elevated her showstopper appearance to unprecedented levels of elegance.

This thoughtful addition added a layer of intrigue and charm, making her presence on the runway unforgettable.

Madhuri Dixit

10 Best Looks from Lakme? Fashion Week 2024 - 3Madhuri Dixit, took to the runway, leaving the audience spellbound as she walked for the renowned couturier Ranna Gill on Day 5 of Lakmé Fashion Week.

Known for her timeless beauty and impeccable fashion sense, Madhuri effortlessly became the centre of attention, embodying the essence of modern elegance in a breathtaking pantsuit designed by Gill.

Madhuri’s ensemble was a masterpiece of design, featuring a dazzling pantsuit that shimmered under the runway lights, adorned with intricate floral detailing that added a touch of spring’s vibrancy to her look.

The outfit was a perfect blend of contemporary style and classic sophistication, highlighting Madhuri’s slender figure and her unparalleled grace.

But it wasn’t just her outfit that captured the hearts of everyone present; Madhuri brought the runway to life with her charismatic presence.

As the live music filled the air, played by a talented musician on the saxophone, Madhuri didn’t just walk; she danced, adding a layer of enchantment to the evening.

Her performance was a testament to her enduring charm and her ability to connect with the audience, making the fashion show an unforgettable experience.

Madhuri Dixit, adored by millions for her stunning looks and remarkable style, once again proved why she remains one of Bollywood’s most beloved icons.

Ananya Panday

10 Best Looks from Lakme? Fashion Week 2024 - 1Ananya Panday reclaimed her role as the showstopper for the illustrious Rahul Mishra at Lakmé Fashion Week.

Fresh off her enchanting appearance at London Couture Week, Ananya teamed up with Rahul Mishra once more for the grand finale, a collaboration that has become a highlight of the fashion calendar.

For this momentous occasion, Rahul Mishra envisioned Ananya in a stunning black mini-dress that was nothing short of a masterpiece.

The dress, a canvas of intricate floral appliqué work and shimmering sequins, perfectly encapsulated the designer’s theme for the collection.

It was a tribute to nature, which Mishra regards as the ultimate sculptor and artist, a constant muse in his work.

This piece, in particular, seemed to bring the essence of a midnight garden to life, with each detail meticulously crafted to celebrate the beauty and complexity of the natural world.

Ananya’s walk down the runway was met with widespread acclaim, capturing the hearts of fans and fashion enthusiasts alike.

Dia Mirza

10 Best Looks from Lakme? Fashion Week 2024 - 7On Day 2 of Lakmé Fashion Week, the spotlight shone on sustainable fashion, with Dia Mirza leading the charge as the showstopper for Inca India.

The actor graced the runway, embodying the essence of regal beauty in an all-black ensemble from Inca’s latest collection, aptly named ‘Love is a Verb’.

This collection, as revealed by the official Instagram account of FDCI, delves deep into the themes of movement and love, exploring how the two intertwine in the dance of life.

Crafted by the talented Amit Hansraj, Dia’s outfit was a testament to the designer’s commitment to blending fashion with a cause.

The coordinated set featured a black blouse and skirt, each piece speaks volumes about the meticulous craftsmanship and thought that went into its creation.

The blouse, with its collared neckline and front button closures, was accentuated by a unique knot detail at the hem and a gathered design, offering a relaxed yet sophisticated silhouette.

The floor-length skirt complemented the top perfectly, with its free-flowing silhouette that moved gracefully with every step Dia took.

However, it was the see-through black veil that truly set the ensemble apart.

Janhvi Kapoor

10 Best Looks from Lakme? Fashion Week 2024 - 2Draped in a mesmerising maroon lehenga set, Janhvi’s choice of attire was nothing short of spectacular, blending traditional elegance with a touch of contemporary flair.

The ensemble featured a chic cropped blouse that was a masterpiece in its own right.

It boasted a unique cowl neckline and a sleeveless design that added a modern twist to the traditional lehenga.

The blouse’s asymmetric curved hem and the sequin embellishments along the borders infused an element of glamour and sophistication, while its fitted silhouette perfectly accentuated Janhvi’s graceful figure.

Complementing the blouse was the matching lehenga skirt, which was a true embodiment of craftsmanship and beauty.

The skirt’s mermaid silhouette, combined with a floor-length hem, offered a figure-hugging fit over the thighs, elegantly flaring out towards the bottom.

Adorned with velvet flowers, and a dazzling array of sequin and beaded embellishments, the skirt was a testament to the intricate artistry that went into its creation.

The high-rise waistline further enhanced the ensemble’s elegance, making it a standout piece.

Neha Dhupia

10 Best Looks from Lakme? Fashion Week 2024 - 8Neha Dhupia turned heads and captured hearts with her latest fashion statement—a monochrome baggy co-ord set that redefined elegance with a modern twist.

This three-piece ensemble was a masterclass in blending asymmetry with classic style, featuring an eye-catching shirt-style peplum top.

The top, in pristine white, boasted a layered ruffled hem that added a dynamic flow to the outfit, complemented by sophisticated front button detailing for a touch of traditional charm.

The ensemble’s drama was further heightened by its contrasting black baggy trousers, which perfectly mirrored the asymmetrical theme with their voluminous silhouette.

Paired with a sleeveless vest that echoed the trousers’ baggy design, the outfit struck a harmonious balance between structured formality and relaxed chic.

Neha’s makeup choice—a dewy glam look paired with dramatically red eyes—introduced an element of boldness and intensity, adding an extra layer of intrigue to her overall appearance.

This striking choice in eye makeup not only highlighted her features but also served as a vibrant contrast to the monochrome theme of her outfit.

Her hair, styled in a sleek bun, underscored the sophistication and clean lines of her look, ensuring that all eyes were on the outfit and her striking makeup.

Shruti Haasan

10 Best Looks from Lakme? Fashion Week 2024 - 9Shruti Haasan was set to grace the runway as the showstopper for the innovative and much-celebrated Label Sakshi Bhati.

Known for her sartorial elegance and the ability to effortlessly pull off the most avant-garde outfits, Shruti’s fashion choices are nothing short of extraordinary.

Her keen eye for detail and penchant for the unconventional make her a true style icon.

As she made her grand entrance, Shruti Haasan had the audience captivated, turning heads with every step she took down the runway.

She was the embodiment of grace and sophistication in a breathtaking light grey lehenga that seemed to whisper tales of ethereal beauty.

The ensemble was a masterpiece of design, featuring exquisite floral threadwork that struck a perfect balance between subtlety and boldness.

The delicate interplay of light pink and green threadwork, along with intricate beading on the pale grey fabric, created a visual symphony that was nothing short of mesmerising.

Kriti Sanon

10 Best Looks from Lakme? Fashion Week 2024 - 6Kriti Sanon truly stole the spotlight with her electrifying presence on the runway at Lakmé Fashion Week.

Known for her impeccable style and versatility, Kriti took the athleisure trend to new heights with her latest ramp walk.

Dressed in a vibrant, body-hugging athleisure ensemble, she perfectly embodied the spirit of modern, activewear with a fashionable twist.

Her outfit hugged her silhouette in all the right places, showcasing the blend of functionality and fashion that athleisure stands for.

The choice of vibrant colours added a burst of energy to the runway.

To complement her sporty yet chic look, Kriti opted for a sleek bun, a hairstyle that not only highlighted her features but also added a touch of sophistication to the athletic aesthetic.

This minimalistic approach to her hair was a nod to the practicality that athleisure embraces, ensuring that the focus remained on the outfit’s dynamic design and her natural beauty.

Accessories were kept to a bare minimum, with Kriti choosing a subtle piece that accentuated without overpowering the ensemble’s statement.

Shanaya Kapoor

10 Best Looks from Lakme? Fashion Week 2024 - 5Shanaya Kapoor left the audience spellbound at Lakmé Fashion Week with her stunning appearance in an AK-OK creation that masterfully wove together the rich tapestry of Indian heritage with contemporary global influences.

Her ensemble, a testament to high fashion, featured an ethereal white shirt dress that cascaded gracefully down her frame, embellished with golden intricacies that sparkled under the runway lights.

The dress, a marvel of design, was artfully paired with a striking bra top, which was adorned with delicate, embroidered motifs, adding a layer of sophistication and allure to the look.

This showstopping creation was not just about the garments but also about the meticulously chosen accessories that elevated the ensemble to new heights.

Shanaya was adorned with an exquisite selection of gold jewellery that accentuated her waist and neck, each piece contributing to the narrative of opulence and elegance that her outfit whispered.

The ensemble was a celebration of the intricate craftsmanship and the timeless beauty of traditional Indian adornments, reimagined in a modern context.

The look was flawlessly completed with a pair of chic high boots, which introduced an element of edgy modernity to the traditional aesthetic.

These boots were not just footwear; they were a statement, showcasing a harmonious blend of tradition and contemporary fashion sensibilities.

Malaika Arora

10 Best Looks from Lakme? Fashion Week 2024 - 10Dressed in an exquisite blue ensemble, Malaika Arora transformed into a vision of elegance and allure, embodying the spirit of the designer label Limerick by Abirr n’ Nanki.

Her appearance was not just a walk; it was a moment of fashion transcendence that left the audience spellbound.

Malaika, known for her impeccable taste and fearless style choices, embraced her role as the showstopper with grace and poise.

The outfit, a masterpiece of design, featured intricate details and a silhouette that perfectly accentuated her statuesque figure.

The choice of blue not only complemented Malaika’s radiant complexion but also added a touch of drama and depth to her look, making her the undisputed highlight of the evening.

Fans and fashion enthusiasts alike were quick to shower Malaika with praise.

Her glamorous avatar on the runway was a testament to her ability to blend boldness with beauty, making a statement that was both powerful and inspiring.

As the curtains fell on another mesmerising edition of Lakmé Fashion Week 2024, we were left in awe of the creativity, the craftsmanship, and the sheer brilliance that graced the runway.

From the breathtaking designs of India’s top couturiers to the innovative collections of emerging talent, that year’s LFW was a testament to the dynamic landscape of Indian fashion.

The fusion of traditional techniques with modern aesthetics, the bold use of colour and texture, and the commitment to sustainability and innovation all painted a vibrant picture of the future of fashion.

Ravinder is a Content Editor with a strong passion for fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. When she's not writing, you'll find her scrolling through TikTok.

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