Will Netflix’s ‘Rana Naidu’ bring Gritty Family Drama?

‘Rana Naidu’ brings together Daggubati Venkatesh and his nephew Rana Daggubati. But what can viewers expect from the Netflix show?

Will Netflix's 'Rana Naidu' bring Gritty Family Drama f


Any illegal agreement might be included

Fans anticipate a gritty family drama in Rana Naidu after it premiered on Netflix on March 10, 2023.

Prior to its release, Daggubati Venkatesh and his nephew Rana Daggubati repeatedly emphasised that their debut collaboration is a family drama that must be seen on its own.

In every few scenes, there is sex, nudity and strong language in the grimy, gloomy criminal drama.

Along with co-director Suparn Varma, Karan Anshuman has developed the 10-episode series, which is an official adaptation of the American crime drama Ray Donovan.

Jon Voight and Liev Schreiber starred in the original show.

So, what can viewers expect from the new series?

Rana Naidu depicts a dysfunctional family with a history of unsolved problems and secrets.

Murder, sexual assault, drugs, infidelity and scandalous celebrity lifestyles are all thrown into the plot of a dysfunctional family struggling with long-standing issues.

The main character, Rana Naidu (Rana Daggubati), is a fixer for Mumbai’s wealthy, affluent, and well-known.

But his fixings for India’s wealthiest are not always of a legal nature.

Any illegal agreement might be included, even something as odd as retrieving a semen sample that was brought into a hotel.

Rana is tasked with covering up scandals and horrible atrocities while avoiding legal snares.

Meanwhile, Rana’s father, Naga (Venkatesh), has spent 15 years in prison for a crime he didn’t commit.

The connection between the father and son is volatile, and the latter harbours intense resentment towards the former.

As Naga prepares himself for vengeance, he wishes to fix his estranged relationship with Rana and his other two sons to become the patriarch he failed to be when he had the opportunity.

The obstacles Naga faces and the simmering struggle he has with Rana move the story along.

The programme addresses several sinister ideas, including Venkatesh’s use of crude vulgarity.

Venkatesh’s portrayal of a drunken, cursing character is a role he has not played before.

The drama is also heightened by the captivating relationship between the real-life uncle and nephew.

Speaking about working with his uncle, Rana said:

“If we both had to collaborate, it had to be special and dramatic, nothing normal and cliched.”

Meanwhile, Venkatesh said of their characters:

“We do not share a typical father-son relationship in this story wherein I, as a father character, sing songs, raise a child, he gets into trouble and then I have to protect him.”

The series’ dark and ominous world of crime is expertly captured by Jaya Krishna Gummadi’s cinematography, and John Stewart Eduri’s soundtrack perfectly complements it.

Rana Naidu also stars Abhishek Banerjee and Sushant Singh.

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