Will Ahad Raza Mir Appear on Hum Tum Season 2?

Ahad Raza Mir has responded to queries about whether he will appear in a potential second series of ‘Hum Tum’.

Will Ahad Raza Mir Appear on Hum Tum Season 2 f


Fans are eager to see Ahad on their screens

On the Pakistani YouTube channel Mashion, Ahad Raza Mir recently answered some assumptions which involved revealing his plans for Hum Tum season 2.

The interview involved the Pakistani actor answering assumptions left by fans on Mashion’s Instagram account.

Ahad Raza Mir expressed doubt about the likelihood of his participation in a second season of Hum Tum.

Ahad stated that while he “definitely wants Hum Tum to have a second season” he was quite explicit to state that he does not intend to be a part of it.

Instead, the actor recommended that the creators of the show come up with an entirely fresh narrative and plot for season 2, including a brand-new cast.

During Ramadan 2021, Hum Tum premiered and quickly gained enormous popularity with viewers.

Ahad Raza Mir’s antics as Adam, along with his pairing with Ramsha Khan received a lot of attention, and viewers also loved how the story evolved.

Fans are eager to see Ahad on their screens once more because of rumours of their potential romantic relationship.

Ahad’s opposition to returning to the popular series has been discussed by fans.

One person wrote: “It’s fine if he won’t do season 2 but I wanna see him again pairing with Ramsha Khan.”

Despite denying a role in Hum Tum season 2, Ahad teased fans with a possible role in the popular Pakistani drama, Jo Bache Hain Sang Samait Lo.

The actor was asked an Instagram Story assumption which read:

“Ahad is playing a role as Sikander in Jo Bache Hain Sang Samait Lo by Farhat Ishtiaq.”

Ahad attempted to remain casual and replied:

“I cannot confirm or deny this information.”

Ahad Raza Mir debuted in the acting industry with a small acting role in the television series Sammi.

Later, he worked on the hugely successful Yakeen Ka Safar, and his on-screen relationship with his now-former wife Sajal Aly was an immediate success.

The actor was well-liked by viewers in a variety of productions, including Aangan, Ye Dil Mera, Dhoop Ki Deewar and Parwaz Hai Junoon.

He has developed before our very eyes.

With the Netflix series Resident Evil on his portfolio and another series for the renowned BBC series World in Fire – he is currently among Pakistan’s most popular actors.

Ahad Raza Mir also performed in the theatre, where he received recognition for his portrayal of Hamlet.

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