US Indian Landlady details ‘Filthy’ Discovery from OnlyFans Squatter

A US Indian landlady described the “filthy” discovery in her property from two squatters, one of whom was an Onlyfans influencer.

US Indian Landlady details 'Filthy' Discovery from OnlyFans Squatter f

"I don't want to imagine what that was used for"

A US Indian landlady managed to boot two squatters from her property, with one of them being an OnlyFans influencer.

However, she described how her home deteriorated from pristine condition to damages amounting to thousands of dollars.

On the “emotional” ordeal, Leka Devatha said:

“With every passing day, like, okay, what are they doing inside my house?”

Leka successfully evicted them after three weeks.

She first became aware of the squatters when she received complaints about the “new tenants” taking other people’s parking spots.

When the property manager checked on the house, the locks had been changed and the squatters claimed they had a lease in place.

Leka confronted the squatters herself and found damage inside the house.

The landlady hired attorneys to help evict the squatters, costing $5,000.

After the squatters were forcibly removed by the Seattle police department, Leka entered the property and was “shocked” by what she discovered.

She told Fox News Digital: “So, because the house was just rented, and it was going to be rented again, it was in pristine condition.

“Each time a tenant leaves, we vacuum, we steam clean the carpets and make sure the cabinets are really clean, the bathrooms are sparkling.

“When I walked into the house, it was quite the shocker because there was food everywhere.

“There were dogs running around. There was trash everywhere. They hadn’t bothered to dispose of the carpet that they had removed.

“So there was like pieces of carpet [around the house].

“The bathrooms were filthy. They even had beds in there. Like, it was crazy shocking to me. They had started to really bring their stuff and start living in there.”

On the worst part, Leka said: “They had [installed] a stripper pole in the middle of my living room.

“I don’t want to imagine what that was used for or what they were doing there.”

US Indian Landlady details 'Filthy' Discovery from OnlyFans Squatter

Her immediate reaction to the pole was:

“How could someone come into one of my properties? I worked hard. I’m not a huge estate developer.

“I work really hard to get to where I am and to buy this property and for someone to just abuse it that way was just it was a little gut-wrenching to me. I was in a lot of shock.

“One of the uninvited… lists herself as an ‘OnlyFans influencer’ on LinkedIn.

“The couple is now gone. They left behind clothes, a half-eaten cake, and… a stripper pole.”

Leka added: “I don’t know if she was planning on creating content here or what she was doing, but it’s just scary to think that that’s what they were going to use the unit for.”

The incident is set to cost approximately $30,000.

“So just the junk removal for this property is about $2,000, and then changing the carpets, repainting, and adding new kitchen cabinets because they broke our cabinets and all of that I think is about 10 or 12 grand.

“We’re now waiting for contractors to come in and do the work, which could take about a month.

“So that means we won’t be able to rent it out till January 1st or so. That’s about three months’ loss of rent. It’s about $30,000 total.”

To evict the squatters, the landlady hired Synthia Melton, of Dimension Law Group.

She added: “I wasn’t one to just sit back and say, okay, someone’s in my house unlawfully, and I’m going to let that work itself out. I was going to get involved.”

Dhiren is a journalism graduate with a passion for gaming, watching films and sports. He also enjoys cooking from time to time. His motto is to “Live life one day at a time.”

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