UKAirDates – a Time Saving Worldwide TV Guide

Terrestial TV, Netflix, Prime Video and the other platforms can be a maze to find out what’s on. UKAirDates makes this quick and easy for worldwide shows.


If you want to browse Indian TV shows airing in the UK? No problem!

If you are a TV fanatic or are looking to find something to watch, then UKAirDates is a great resource.

It helps you discover new TV shows that aren’t often heard of, from all over the world, as well as finding out about more popular series.

The main purpose of the site is to provide you with the premiere dates of television shows, so you know exactly when you will be able to watch them, and where to watch them.

The talented team at UKAirDates does extensive research and post the airing dates for TV shows as soon as they are announced.

Not only does the site provide you with the latest air dates, but it also provides newsworthy articles in the TV or entertainment industry, along with the latest trailers for TV series.

They have a handy notification alert and an email list, so you can get all this useful information directly in your inbox, or as a little nudge to remind you of what’s coming out via browser notifications.

Let’s find out more about this very useful website which provides great information which can save you a lot of time.

Worldwide TV Shows

UKAirDates - a Time Saving Worldwide TV Guide - india

Even though the site is based around premiere dates in the UK time zone, it doesn’t mean it only covers UK shows.

In fact, it covers all kinds of shows from all over the world including, South Asian, Australian and American TV shows. 

Even if the TV show doesn’t have a UK broadcaster yet, they will list the show and keep you updated if or when the TV show is ready to come to the UK.

They have useful filters and tags so you can find specifically what you want. If you want to browse Indian TV shows airing in the UK? No problem!

There are so many platforms nowadays to watch series, that it is hard to find everything in one place. This is also where UKAirDates makes it easy for you.

They log TV shows from multiple platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, NOW TV as well as your satellite channels, so you never have to google individual TV shows again!

How to use UKAirDates

UKAirDates - Navigation top

Navigation of the site is simple and intuitive. On the home page there are five main sections and then a couple of sections on the right sidebar.

Latest TV Show News

Here you will see the four most recent news articles about the TV industry, if you want to view more articles, simply click the blue “see more TV news” button.

Upcoming TV Air Dates

Displayed here are six TV shows that are airing very soon, as well as displaying their date and time without having to click on them individually.

You’ll want to keep checking this part to quickly find out new shows and seasons coming out over the next few days.

If you want to see more shows coming out later down the line, just click the blue “view all upcoming air dates” button.

New TV Shows

If you are wanting something brand new, then be sure to keep checking this section.

Listed are six new TV series that have just started airing recently from season one, episode one. These are great to start watching with all your friends, so you can discuss them at work!

Renewed TV Shows

Here are TV shows that have been “renewed”. In layman’s terms, they have just been granted a new season. This is a good spot to check if your favourite TV shows are going to continue!

Latest Trailers

Exactly what it says on the tin. Here you can find and watch the latest trailers for TV shows, so you don’t have to search video sites and scroll through hundreds of movie, music and other trailers, just to find TV show trailers.


On the right-hand side of the website, you will be able to see this section. If you having nothing to do all day and have some popcorn lying around you want to check out these series.

The binge-watch section will show TV series that have finished completely, meaning you can go on a big binge-watch and watch every season of the series until the sun comes up!

At the top of the home page, you can find a navigation bar, most of these expand further on the sections above, for example, “Upcoming” will list more results and pages for TV shows coming out soon.

The Navigation Bar

There are two other sections on the bar we haven’t discussed yet, which you will find useful.


UKAirDates - genre

If you know what type of TV show you want to watch, but don’t know what’s on, you can check here.

Simply hover over the genres bar to find the most used genres, or click the genre title to get a more detailed list of genres.

Once you have selected the genre, you can use the filters to help you narrow your choice down to find the perfect TV show to watch.

TV Deals

UKAirDates - deals

If you’re a savvy saver and always on the lookout for a bargain you may want to feast your eyes on this section.

Here UKAirDates lists TV package deals, including packages from Sky and BT, free trials to subscription services and other entertainment deals, which are actually worth looking at.


What we like about UKAirDates is the diversity it offers, it’s currently hard to find specific TV shows based upon culture and nationality and we find UKAirDates makes this possible.

Not only is it diverse for different countries TV shows, but it makes searching for TV shows ever so simple. Trust us, once you start using it, you won’t stop.

The website is also very active on social media, they have Twitter and Facebook, where they announce air dates and post their articles.

If you don’t use the web much but are active on social media, it’s definitely worth giving them a follow or like.

They have told us that they are working on getting more exclusive content and doing more interviews with celebrities and actors.

Along with this, they are looking to do reviews of TV shows from a non-biased perspective, which is actually quite hard to find in the TV industry today.


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