UAE opens Tourist Visas for 4 South Asian Countries

The UAE has decided to allow citizens from six countries, including four South Asian countries, to enter on a tourist visa.

UAE opens Tourist Visas for 4 South Asian Countries f

"Entry to the UAE will be allowed"

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has opened tourist visas for citizens from four South Asian countries.

Dubai will now welcome visitors from Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka and Nepal on tourist visas.

Travellers from Nigeria and Uganda are also able to obtain these visas.

However, the visas come with certain travel rules and regulations, as citizens from these countries can enter Dubai – but not directly.

According to Fly Dubai, tourists from Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka and Nepal can enter Dubai as long as they have not entered or stayed in those countries in the last 14 days.

Therefore, all visitors must stay in another country for up to two weeks before attempting to enter the UAE.

Passengers must also take a PCR test at the airport six hours before flying, and a second test on arrival at Dubai International Airport.

All passengers will also need a negative PCR test result printed in either English or Arabic.

The National Emergency Crisis and Disasters Management Authority (NCEMA) for the UAE made the announcement on Twitter.

In a tweet, they said:

“#NCEMA and Civil Aviation: Entry to the UAE will be allowed for some categories of passengers from countries, from where inbound flights to the Emirates have been banned.


Pakistani citizens are now able to enter the UAE. However, Pakistan remains on the UK’s travel ‘red list’.

Recently, the UK government moved India from its red to amber list as part of its ease on travel restrictions.

India, Bahrain, Qatar and the UAE all moved to the UK’s amber list on Sunday, August 8, 2021.

However, Pakistan continued to stay on the red list and slammed the UK government as a result.

According to Pakistan’s Human Rights Minister Shireen Mazari, the decision to move India from the red list but not Pakistan is discriminatory.

In a tweet from August 5, 2021, Mazari said:

“How can UK govt rationally place India on Amber list while keeping Pakistan on Red List? No scientific reason for this discrimination.

“Only politics coming into play again – UK cabinet showing clearly political proclivity towards India.

“Unfortunate indeed.”

Many Twitter users commented on Mazari’s tweet to agree that the UK government’s decision to move India from the red list was political.

However, many began to blame the politician for Pakistan’s failure to maintain a good relationship with the UK.

One user said:

“Madam, it’s your failure, failure of your government to maintain good relations with other nations.”

Another wrote:

“Ma’am instead of crying over Twitter please do some real actions against these illogical actions by the UK.

“This is clearly a failure of your government’s foreign relationship management.”

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