Twitizens react to TikTok Video about Indian Food

After a TikTok user posted a video about the ‘white man’ view of Indian food, Twitter users have given their thoughts on it.

Twitizens react to TikTok Video about Indian Food f

"Slurp it like its sambar b****."

Twitter users have reacted to a TikTok video about a particular view of Indian food.

The original video, posted by Canadian Indian user simplyysi, criticised what she referred to as the “white man” view of Indian food.

The video starts off with the TikToker coming out of a cupboard and saying:

“To the white man who doesn’t like Indian food because it uses the same spice over and over again. Eat my a**.”

She then goes on to say: “I literally can’t even cook but look at my momma’s spices, look at this.”

In the video, simplyysi continues to criticise the ‘white man’ for his view of Indian food, using explicit words.

“I’m sorry you grew up thinking Doritos were spicy but not all of us are you, you bland a**, low sodium a** ritz cr***er.

“I’m proud to be Indian and my p**** is probably more flavourful than your mom’s best meal.”

She then ends with the now-iconic line:

“Slurp it like its sambar b****.”

The TikTok video, released in September 2021, amassed over 9.8 million views.

It has now resurfaced after one Twitter user reacted to the video.

The user was not a fan, writing: “Nothing has ever upset me like this video has.”

Other Twitter users, especially from India, were not happy with simplyysi’s video.

One person said: “Why does the diaspora think the biggest problem in the world is a white man not liking Indian food??

“There are a thousand things happening in India that’s messed up.

“Literally their Indian-ness is unhurt during all those times.”

Another said: “She better be doing this ironically.”

A third wrote: “Desi diaspora plz, don’t embarrass us.”

One person said: “Everyday Indians find new ways to embarrass me.”

Other users did not like the TikToker’s crude language in the video.

One said: “Thanks, now I will never be able to have my sambar normally ever again.”

Another commented:

“Everything about this is horrifying but why was she hiding inside the spice closet.”

“Stuff of nightmares this.

“Imagine you wake up in the morning bleary eyes and open the cupboard to get some cornflakes and out comes this lady angrily lecturing about sambar vagina.”

But other Twitter users did not see anything wrong with the TikTok video.

A user wrote: “Lmao he got what was coming to him.”

A second person said: “Lmaooo this is just funny to me.”

TikToker simplyysri has not yet responded to the reactions but regularly uses her platform to make light of the collective Indian diaspora experience.

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