Top 10 Fitness and Exercise Trends

Fitness and exercise is always a challenge and to help you get into shape, DESIblitz lists the Top 10 Fitness and Exercise Trends out there that can aim to get you slim and trim.

These fitness regimes will keep you healthy and feeling at your best.

With everyone is eager to get into shape there are so many ways you can find ways of getting fit. In our lifestyle today, it’s assumed that one exercise regime can help you obtain the ‘perfect body.’ Yet this isn’t the case at all.

One exercise might help you tone up, and another lose weight. But to get the body you want, a mixture of different exercises is necessary.

DESIblitz went on a search to find out how today’s top fitness exercises can be fun and an easy part of your everyday life.


Zumba is a mixture of music from Salsa, Hip-Hop to Bollywood. This fun dance exercise has proved Zumba fitness to be a very popular cardio regime. If you are into dancing whilst burning calories, then this is definitely for you.

Zumba toning is a little different to Zumba, in that maracas are used whilst dancing. This is to help shape muscles in a fun and exciting way! Zumba can also be done at home using DVDs or on the Wii.

Claire Smith from Dudley speaks about the difference between gym and Zumba: “I have done the gym before now but I find it quite boring and repetitive. I did Zumba for a while which I really enjoyed. It was more fun than going to the gym; exercise by dance can only be a winner.”


Bokwa is a new fitness regime spreading across the globe. Participants draw letters and numbers with their feet, while moving together with music.

As Paul Mavi, the creator of Bokwa, says: “It’s becoming a way of life”. You wouldn’t even realise you are burning up to 1200 calories per workout. Bokwa is an exciting and exhilarating new way to work out.


Yoga is commonly known to be a spiritual, mental and physical exercise. Experts say yoga stimulates your metabolism. It also helps release toxins from the body. Yoga is intrinsic and consists of stretches. It offers inner meditation for the mind.

Stretches are very important when doing any form of exercise. But usually people don’t have time for them. Many would rather go straight into the hard-core workout. Yet it is one of the important factors in yoga.

Aerobic curve

A fun class that’s out now is Aerobic curve. This consists of a 10-12 minute warm up for your heart, mind and body. This form of exercise can be choreographed with 4 moves, which can be strenuous and put pressure on your body. You then cool down and do stretches to finish. It controls body fat and tones muscles.


Kickboxing has been around for many years. It is a combination of stand-up combat sports and martial arts, designed for self-defence. It is a great calorie burner and can be great for sharpening your reflexes.

Everybody feels they need to protect themselves. No matter how safe you are, there is always that niggling feeling of wanting to be able to defend yourself. This is one of the most popular ways to do so. Kickboxing usually takes place as classes at community centres or schools.


Swimming is a great way to achieve the perfect beach body. It near enough works every part of your body, toning you where you need to be toned. It helps burn calories and strengthens the back muscles.

Swimming is also a great relaxing method, with water being seen as quite therapeutic. Try it after a long day at work and feel the stress wash right off of you.

Weight trainingWeight training

Weight lifting is an all-round body exercise, which mainly includes the chest, shoulders and arms. This is great for strengthening a majority of your muscles.

Boys and men tend to do these to gain a muscular look. But it can be a great exercise for women too especially if you have bingo wings!


Pilates are a body conditioning technique. They help build muscle strength, flexibility and endurance in the upper back, legs, hips and arms. You can start off slow and build yourself up to the intensity. You can take classes or do these at home.

Sit ups/ Push ups

Sit ups are a great way to tone up your stomach. There are standard sit ups, crunches or leg raises, which work your abdominal area. Push ups help tone your upper body. The great thing about these exercises is that you can do them at home any time!

Circuit Training

Circuit training is an intense form of training that combines many exercises into one. It is great for enhancing body strength as well as building muscular endurance. It can also target specific areas by mixing up upper-body, core and lower-body exercises however you wish to suit your needs.

aerobicsCircuit training typically involves combining squats, bench lifts and dips, sit ups, skipping, step ups and stomach crunches. Do each exercise rapidly in one go, take a break and begin again!

Sumaira Ahmed from Wolverhampton says: “Well if I work out its at home, it’s normally squats, jumping jacks, lunges, and I would go running so I don’t get bored. It allows me to get some fresh air.”

Zumba instructor, Matt Raybone, insitsts that looking after your inner body as well as your outer body is vital: “Keeping a healthy diet is just as important as exercising; a tip is to replace oil with coconut oil. Eat vegetables, fruit, small portions of fresh food and no processed meals.”

Fitness and exercise is key for maintaining and looking after your body:

“Certain fitness companies say exercise will help you gain the perfect body if you follow it, but this is not true. You need to do a combination of exercises along with a good diet, to see results. Whether that be toning up, losing weight or putting on muscle.”

These fun and exciting fitness regimes will keep you healthy and feeling at your best. Try classes or if you don’t have time, attempt the at home exercises. Do a mixture and try to incorporate them into your everyday life.

Remember, the inner body is just as important as the outer body. Some of these exercises will help you tone up, lose weight, build muscle, whereas others will help you psychologically, stimulate your mind, decrease tension and improve your mood.

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