Sunny Leone attracts Huge Crowds to see Her in Kochi

Sunny Leone became a sensation in Kochi as she attracted thousands onto the city’s streets. An image of the specular moment has now gone viral.

Sunny Leone attracts Huge Crowds to see Her in Kochi

She also posted a video where she filmed the crowd, all taking photos of her.

The city of Kochi witnessed an incredible sight as Sunny Leone attracted huge crowds by attending an inauguration event. With thousands descending onto the streets, many took various images and videos of the moment.

And one particular picture posted on social media has turned into a viral hit.

Sunny Leone arrived in Kochi on 17th August 2017, a city located in Kerala. She planned to make an appearance at the inauguration for a new phone shop, named Fone4.

While many fans would expect a decent-sized crowd to gather to see the Raees beauty, no one could imagine the sights of the city’s streets.

On Twitter, a picture emerged of a sea of fans, taking over one of the streets. In the middle of this immense crowd, one can see a white car, of which Sunny Leone was in. In the image, the fans all look eager to catch a glimpse of the sexy starlet.

Due to the crowd’s unexpected size, Kochi police were out to control the star-struck fans. And, as one can expect, the blocked roads meant chaos for traffic and the general public.

Feeling overjoyed about her fans, Sunny couldn’t resist sharing the image. She also posted a video where she filmed the crowd, all taking photos of her with their smartphones.

She captioned it with: “No words…Can’t thank the people of Kochi.Was so overwhelmed by the love&support.[sic]”

Now, many social media users have tweeted about the infamous moment. Some even transformed it into one of 2017’s latest memes.

From one comparing it to the sizes of US Presidents Obama and Trump’s inauguration crowds to speculating on Kochi’s internet connectivity, Twitter users certainly enjoyed the buzz.

But it appears some of the fans got very carried away with Sunny’s appearance.

One tweet reveals how a particular member of the crowd broke through Fone4’s advertising posters to get a close view of the star!

According to the reports, an approximate amount of Rs 14 lakh was paid to the actress along with two business class tickets from Mumbai to inaugurate the 33rd showroom of Fone 4 in Kochi.

Sunny Leone hasn’t just been causing a sensational stir in Kochi. She previously set pulses racing with her latest music video, ‘Piya More‘. Sultry and seductive, the video, also starring Emraan Hashmi, generated millions of views in no time.

In addition, the starlet will soon make an appearance in the upcoming song ‘Trippy Trippy’ from Bhoomi. After the success of ‘Piya More’ and ‘Laila Main Laila‘, this too will surely become an instant hit.

And judging by the crowds Sunny gathered in Kochi, we’re sure they’ll all tune in to hear her highly-anticipated track.

Sarah is an English and Creative Writing graduate who loves video games, books and looking after her mischievous cat Prince. Her motto follows House Lannister's "Hear Me Roar".

Images courtesy of Sunny Leone's Official Twitter and Instagram.

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