How to Style your Leggings with Kameez

Leggings with Kameez have been a strangely questionable combination, often deemed unattractive and overly revealing. Here are some tips to watch out for!

How to Style Leggings with Kameez

Who on earth wants to see your squishy inner thighs and the sides of your hips?

Wear them casual or wear them dressy, the combination of leggings with Kameez just won’t go away. It has now become a part of the modern South Asian attire.

Over the years, Shalwar Kameez has become more bold, experimental, and adventurous. The figure-hugging, footless leggings are replacing the more traditional and modest Shalwar bottoms- the modern stretchy Shalwar. 

Worn across all age categories, leggings certainly encourage movement, creating the impression of being a super active woman!

And, at least you don’t need to iron them and can easily pull them down when need to use the toilet, without having to struggle with the knots of a Nada!

However, leggings are also one of those risky styles that a lot of women wear completely wrong. And, when the Kameez flys up with the wind, displaying the flesh, this combination becomes debatable. Rather, a distraction?

So, to make this comfortably stylish and sporty appearance look truly flattering, you must apply some simple rules.

Before leaving the house, check the mirror and ask yourself the following questions:

How See-through are your Leggings?

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Lighting is not the only factor here.

The fabric of the leggings contours the thighs.

So, they should not be too tight that every dimple in your legs becomes visible. But, also make sure that are not too loose either because that will make you look really unflattering.

Yet, Physiotherapist Sammy Margo claims that: “They [leggings] hold in and support the quadriceps, buttocks and core muscles in your tummy, and do the job the muscles are supposed to do.”

Nevertheless, your focus should be on the fabric of the leggings. They should be of a thick texture. In materials of firm cotton or a thicker Lycra merge. Simply because no one wants to see you’re transparent front and back!

So before you buy the leggings, make sure you stretch them and place your hand underneath to see the level of visibility.

If you can still see through them, you aren’t wearing leggings, you’re wearing tights!

Go on, just put on a real Shalwar!

Is your Kameez too Short?

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First and foremost, wear a long Kameez! A short Kurta is a big no!

Make sure to pair them with a Kameez that lands below your knees, so it doesn’t ride up when you sit down.

This will allow you to move freely and sit right anywhere, without having to uncomfortably yet weirdly pull down your Kameez ends.

Additionally, an oversized statement Kurta also works, by creating more width at the top area of your body. This, in turn, makes your bottom half look slimmer!

Just remember, a short Kameez or Kurta never works with leggings. Yes, we know you might be in great shape. But, a Kameez that covers your bottom and front rear is much more sophisticated and elegant!

How Wide and Long are your Kameez Open-Side Chaaks?

How to Style Leggings with Kameez -Image 3

Nothing beats a pair of leggings and a loose Kameez. But, what if the Kameez is really fitted and has huge open side Chaak slits? Who on earth wants to see your squishy inner thighs and the sides of your hips?

We know leggings are versatile and comfortable alternatives to a Shalwar. But, fashion rules keep on reminding us that leggings are NOT the loose-fitted, baggy Shalwars!

So, isn’t a pretty tailored Shalwar that comes with the suit far more flattering than having bits of your body sticking out?

But, if you still want to wear the leggings, then upgrade your Kameez with suitable length slits.

Yet, if you’re a fan of layers, add on a super long cardigan and cover up that fat, high on the side of hips!

What Shoes can you Wear with your Leggings?

How to Style Leggings with Kameez -Image 4

Your choice of shoes is almost as decisive as your choice of Kameez.  

The shoes need to be flattering and complimenting the shape of your legs, helping to give the attire a refined look.

To be more on the safer side, wear them with ballet flats. High-heel sandals can be risky, especially the embellished traditional Desi sandals! They can make your legs look more squat and chunky.

But, you could also style the heeled gladiator sandals? They might give a more classy appearance.

Paired with the correct shoes, you can turn your leggings with Kameez combination rather elegant. But, its not a simple task. The trick is to play around with various styles and colours.

So, think twice before styling your leggings with Kameez.

Yet, leggings are a trend, easy to wear, and a huge hit amongst the working women.

They are a fashion statement, becoming a necessity for comfort and movement.

But, do leggings have an age or weight limit? Are they also created for older women? For those with chunky thighs, the plus size? Or even for extra skinny women?

Or are leggings so adaptable that anyone can look good in them?

Nevertheless, they are available in many colours and even hug your waist when you have put weight on. They are so versatile that you can even wear them to the gym. As well as, to a party.

With the art of combining, put a little effort into accessorising your leggings. Add on a pretty Kameez, accented with embellishments. Pair it with a simple necklace, and those ballet flats!

And, you’re ready to step out in your leggings with Kameez combination!

Anam has studied English Language & Literature and Law. She has a creative eye for colour and a passion for design. She is a British-German Pakistani "Wandering Between Two Worlds."

Images courtesy of: A Walk with Aisha, inonit, Tania Maxb2b, ewools, sareez, Indiamart, Myntra, IMBB and SnapDeal.


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