Ania Fawad talks Fashion and Styling Pakistani Celebrities

In an exclusive interview, Pakistani celebrity stylist Ania Fawad, shares her fashion journey, styling process and dressing celebrities like Mawra Hocane.

Ania Fawad talks Fashion and Styling Pakistani Celebrities

"It's such a surreal feeling seeing my ideas come to life."

With the wave of her magic wand and creative art of styling, the rising Pakistani celebrity stylist, Ania Fawad, is turning celebrities into red carpet queens.

Although we witness jaw-dropping red carpet moments and photographs of celebrities immediately on Instagram and Twitter, we are less privy to how the stylists have put those memorable looks together.

In an exclusive interview, the beautiful Pakistani celebrity stylist, Ania Fawad, who counts Momal Sheikh, Sadaf Kanwal and current red-carpet favourite Mawra Hocane as a regular client, reveals her magic tricks!

Styling the Pakistani Diva Mawra Hocane

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The remarkable stylist opens up about styling the Pakistani star Mawra Hocane, who also made her debut in Bollywood with the movie, Sanam Teri Kasam:

“We like experimenting with her looks, which is always fun. Each time I style her I try to make it more special than the last.”

Ania is also the face behind giving Mawra Hocane her princess ‘LUX Girl’ appearance at the 16th LUX Style Awards 2017:

“Since this was her moment as the newest Lux girl, I wanted Mawra to feel like a princess too.”

“After I selected the dress, I felt it still needed something special to complete the look. I came up with the idea of the carriage clutch 10 days before the event!

“Fortunately I found a designer, Garema, who was kind enough to create the clutch for me in time for the event.

“We spent many sleepless nights working on each detail and perfecting the clutch, but it was totally worth it.”

Decorated with intricate details, the candy-floss pink fairytale gown and carriage clutch was a perfect amalgamation. And for sure, these ensembles led the glamour at the glitzy event, giving the gorgeous actress a well-dressed appearance. In case you missed her phenomenal look, check it out here!

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Skillfully put together by Ania, this style was followed by another princess look for Mawra at the HUM Awards 2017. It included a cute Daniele Carlotta dress, paired with a stunning Bottega Veneta clutch.

Also, Ania has styled glam photo shoots for Mawra. Including the Este Couture shoot in London, where she worked with gorgeous outfits, by Elan and Gaurav Gupta.

Couture, glamour and poise! Becoming known for her fashion choices through recent events, Mawra’s super-stylish wardrobe has constantly hit the headlines.

However, Ania Fawad’s input is invisible. Yet, the results are widely recognised.

The Process of Styling

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We discover how the beautiful Pakistani stylist Ania Fawad gets the right fashion headlines for her clients at each event, award ceremony and photo shoot.

Putting together a red carpet appearance is a big responsibility, which, unfortunately, doesn’t get as much credit in the media as it should.

Dressing celebrities is not an easy job: “It’s a lot less glamorous than it looks,” Ania tells us.

Yet, she adds: “I love the creative part of the job. It’s such a surreal feeling seeing my ideas come to life.”

“I spend a lot of time doing homework on trends, researching designers from all over the world, reaching out to them, as well as keeping in touch with my clients via Whatsapp and FaceTime.”

“I definitely take into account what my clients want, but they do give me a lot of creative freedom as well so that I can best guide them.”

Fashion trends are constantly evolving. Each season, new styles and colours become the must-have looks. Ania Fawad draws her fashion inspiration from social media, different style bloggers and fashion magazines.

Through the impression of styling, the brands get visibility and opportunities in return for their clothing and accessories.

When an actress makes her fashion looks central, she can have endorsements from big labels. Yet, the concept of styling is still in its early years in Pakistan, whilst some brands are still hesitant to engage in the process.

For Ania, her favourite designers, places to buy clothes- high-end and street-buys include:

“High-end designer is Gucci and the high street is Pixie Market as well as my all time favourite, Zara,” she says.

But, she doesn’t rely on the same designers for each occasion. Rather, she conveys: “I try my best to keep things new and fresh each time I style.”

It’s absolutely key that celebrities look ‘on point’ at all times.

Most Memorable Styles

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She shares with DESIblitz her most difficult stylist assignment to date and how she manages to regain control:

“I think my most difficult styling assignment was Sadaf Kanwal’s promotions for her film Balu Mahi, as it was the first time I was styling her for 10 events back to back.

“I hardly got any sleep that month, I over prepared and had backups for anything and everything I feared could go wrong.”

On the other hand, Sadaf Kanwal’s look for Hum Style Awards and Mawra’s clad at London in Marina Qureshi and Bijoux De Famille jewellery from Paris, are two of Ania’s favourite styles.

She has also worked with Momal Sheikh for the promotions of her Bollywood film Happy Bhaag Jaye Ge. Momal wore Ania’s styled black jumpsuit gear at the Kapil Sharma Show!

Fashionista Ania Fawad

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From starting with her personal style blog, to now styling celebrities for award shows, photo shoots and film promotions, this style diva loves coming up with creative outfits and playing with colours:

“It was so much fun that I decided to take it one step further and started styling other people, which eventually lead me here,” she says.

Based in San Francisco, Ania is a specialist for Marc Jacobs clothing line. Gaining experience with this high-end luxury, the talented stylist has surely taken fashion to new heights.

In addition to her hard work of celebrity styling, she also runs a fashion blog.

Her personal fashion sense is no less than a celebrity. With sophisticated, classic pieces like jackets, shoes and bags, Ania Fawad’s social media is a great place for fashion inspiration. Her timeless style brings to mind images of fashionistas like Elle Woods. Each Instagram upload is striking and full of glamour.

On the other hand, she aims to keep her client’s individual style, by adding attention-grabbing elements in a look.

Managing a successful styling career, along with her blog and job, Ania Fawad knows the power of a good fashion appearance.

When giving advice to aspiring stylists, Ania recommends:

“Always remember that you are only as good as your last job, so make sure you give it your best every single time!”

Changing Pakistan’s fashion scene, Pakistani celebrity stylist Ania Fawad has managed to shape a separate industry, stemming from her great taste, and her attention to detail.

So if you want to infuse a dose of glamour into your daily outfits, click on over to @Aniafawad.

And perhaps, her fashion journey could motivate your move into the styling world!

Anam has studied English Language & Literature and Law. She has a creative eye for colour and a passion for design. She is a British-German Pakistani "Wandering Between Two Worlds."

Images courtesy of: Official Instagram of Ania Fawad.

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