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Shree is a heart-racing sci-fi thriller directed by Rajesh Bachchani. Our Bollywood film reviewer, Faisal Saif provides the low-down on the story, performances, direction and music. Find out if it is one to watch or give a miss.

Let me first assure you that Shree is a film which requires a lot of concentration. With its never-ending mind-games and scientific knowledge its definitely not easy-watching. An over-intelligent sci-fi thriller in parts, it struggles to easily digest with mainstream audiences.

But the tight screenplay and direction will keep you hooked to your seats until the climax. Although it is a slightly abrupt ending.

The story revolves around Shreedhar Upadhyay a.k.a Shree (played by Hussain Kuwarejwala) who works as a small executive in a mobile phone company called Air Net.

Shree is an ordinary young guy trying to make some money so that he can marry his girlfriend Sonu (played by Anjali Patil). His destiny happens to bring him face-to-face with Jairaaj Randhawa (played by Rio Kapadiya), the head of Air Net.

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Jairaaj is a genius scientist who is in constant search for the last puzzle of an extraordinary scientific experiment. That is, a person who could potentially change the fortunes of the entire world. Shree, unaware of this experiment is lured into participating by Jairaaj.

Shree trades in 12 hours of his life in return for the promise of a beautiful and happy existence with Sonu. Little does he know however, that these 12 hours will give him extraordinary powers as well as a lot of blood on his sleeve. As soon as the 12 hours begin, Shree’s life turns upside down and he becomes a wanted murderer on the run from the police. He must use his wits to prove his innocence, and the 12 hours soon become the longest of his life.

[easyreview title=”SHREE” cat1title=”Story” cat1detail=”There are some flaws in the script and you do need to brush up on your science knowledge before watching the film.” cat1rating=”3″ cat2title=”Performances” cat2detail=”Hussain Kuwajerwala is a great talent with a bright future. Rio Kapadiya is also a natural performer. Anjali Patil is the only let down.” cat2rating=”3.5″ cat3title=”Direction” cat3detail=”Rajesh Bachchani excels with his direction and screenplay and he delivers an exciting and engaging thriller.” cat3rating=”3″ cat4title=”Production” cat4detail=”Vikram M. Shah shows much courage with this tight sci-fi thriller which could perhaps have benefitted from a bigger budget.” cat4rating=”1.5″ cat5title=”Music” cat5detail=”The music was the biggest let down of the film. There were no good songs and in fact, they simply weren’t necessary.” cat5rating=”1″ summary=’Review Scores by Faisal Saif’]

In terms of the performances, Hussain Kuwajerwala has already proved himself on the small screen. He is a great talent who has a bright future ahead of him. Rio Kapadiya is also a natural and performs his part well.

Shivani Tanskale’s character is pretty lost on screen during the first half. Your first impression is that she is just another side-kick to the main cast members. But as soon as the second half began, Shivani surprised me with her amazing performance.

The only irritating and loud (and I mean over-loud) actor in the whole film was Anjali Patil. I cannot believe she is the same actress from Prakash Jha’s, Chakravyuh. Was she over-confident with her acting skills while shooting this one?

Rajesh Bachchani wrote and directed the film. The script does have a number of gaping holes and flaws, but as I said earlier, the screenplay is incredibly tight and surprising that it makes you eager to watch how the rest of the film unfolds. And this is where Rajesh Bachchani comes out as a real winner.

There are again some obtuse scientific explanations about the whole episode of Shree and the experiment performed on him which are hard to understand. It’s seems that you need to consume some kind of science-geographical theory beforehand. It might be difficult for some audiences to keep up with all that is going on.

Sadly, the music soundtrack is a huge let down. In fact, I fail to understand why film makers want songs in such tight scripts. The music was performed by the band Talaash, and unfortunately they greatly under performed.

That being said, the cinematography and editing of the film are good. Going by the production value, it looks like the film was made on a medium budget. As a result, it lacks that huge blockbuster epic quality that would entice most audiences and cinema goers.

But I will still appreciate the film because it takes a lot of courage from Rajesh Bachchani and Vikram M.Shah to go ahead and dare make a tight sci-fi thriller that has no star cast at all. Perhaps they made this film with whatever limited availability they had, and with that in mind, what they have produced is a decent effort.

Shree is a roller-coaster of thrills and shocks and is definitely recommended if you are a sci-fi thriller fan. Just make sure you study a little beforehand!

Faisal Saif is our Bollywood film reviewer and Journalist from B-Town. He has huge passion for everything Bollywood and adores its magic on and off screen. His motto is to "Stand unique and tell Bollywood Stories in a Different Way."

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