Shamita Shetty responds to Aamir Ali Dating Rumours

After it was speculated that Aamir Ali and Shamita Shetty were dating, the latter responded to the rumours.

Shamita Shetty responds to Aamir Ali Dating Rumours f

"It's high time we open our minds to it!"

Shamita Shetty has responded to the rumours that she and Aamir Ali are dating.

In a viral video, the actress was seen with Aamir following a night. As he escorted her to a car, Aamir could not take his hands off her.

After getting into the car, Aamir kissed Shamita on the cheek.

This led to social media users speculating that they were dating.

One user commented: “They are cute together.”

Another wrote: “So happy for him.”

A third asked: ” Is she dating him? Where is Raqesh?”

However, some stated that they were just friends, urging others not to spread rumours, with one writing:

“They are friends everyone so don’t do stupidity in the comments section.”

Shamita Shetty responds to Aamir Ali Dating Rumours

Shamita Shetty responded to the rumours and seemed angry by the claims.

On Twitter, Shamita said she is currently “happy and single” and people should not be “narrow-minded”.

She wrote: “I’m baffled by society and its convenient prudish mindset all across.

“Why is every action and every person subjected to scrutiny or snap judgement with no reality check?

“There are possibilities beyond the narrow-minded assumptions of the NETIZENS.

“It’s high time we open our minds to it! Single n happy… let’s focus on more important issues in this country!“

Fans came to her support.

One said: “This is just rubbishing, a normal kiss can’t confirm any relationship.”

Another commented: “Don’t worry Shamita, we are with you.”

Agreeing with Shamita’s statement, one person said:

“Rightly said, people here are more interested in other’s business rather than concentrating on their goals.

“That’s how this society is, every action especially of a female is questioned or rather judged without knowing the facts.”

Shamita Shetty was previously in a relationship with Raqesh Bapat.

Fans were happy for the pair, with many referring to them as ‘ShaRa’.

They even shot a music video together, however, in July 2022, Shamita announced that they had split up.

In a post, Shamita wrote: “I think it’s important to make this clear.

“Raqesh and I are no longer together and have not been for a while, but this music video is for all the beautiful fans who have given us so much love n support.”

Urging her fans to continue supporting her and Raqesh, Shamita added:

“Do continue to shower us with your love as individuals too.

“Here’s to positivity and newer horizons. A love and gratitude to you all.”

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