Sami Aslam warns PCB over Pakistani Cricketers moving to US

Sami Aslam has issued a warning to the PCB over the impending exodus of Pakistani cricketers moving to the United States.

Sami Aslam warns PCB over Pakistani Cricketers moving to US f

“I would call it a failure of Pakistan cricket"

Sami Aslam has warned the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) about the probability of Pakistani cricketers migrating to the USA.

Aslam himself made the move to the United States where he chose to continue his cricketing career.

He will play for the Texas Super Kings in the inaugural edition of the Major League Cricket. The team is owned by Chennai Super Kings.

He accused the PCB of failing to give financial security to its sportsmen as they take part in four-day matches.

Aslam went on to say that the only secure players are the ones who take part in the Pakistan Super League (PSL).

He stated: “Those cricketers who play in the Pakistan Super League (PSL) are the only ones who consider themselves secure.

“I would call it a failure of Pakistan cricket because the ones playing four-day matches do not consider themselves secure at all.

“And you also know that those who play the entire domestic match don’t receive anything significant from it in terms of remuneration.”

Sami Aslam also detailed the satisfaction he felt with his decision to leave Pakistan.

He revealed that the reason for leaving was due to sensing indifference within the domestic cricket setup.

He went on to say that if the governing body did not take action soon then there was a chance that many cricketers would follow his example and search for chances in the USA.

Aslam revealed that there have been a number of Pakistan internationals who have said that they want to make the move to the USA.

He added:

“Those who only play in the PSL consider themselves secure, but even the top cricketers who have played for Pakistan also want to move.”

Highlighting the Unity Cup, which was held in Washington DC, Aslam said Pakistani participants earned far more in a much shorter time.

Sami Aslam said: “Now what’s happening is that a significant number of cricketers, around 20 to 30 current domestic players from Pakistan, have recently participated in a tournament held in Washington DC called the Unity Cup.

“It’s a one-week tournament, and within that week, a player can earn as much money as they would earn in the four-month season of playing four-day matches.”

Sami Aslam has represented Pakistan in 13 Test matches and scored 758 runs in the process.

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