Saima Baloch to star in ‘Super Punjabi’

Fresh off her performance in ‘The Legend of Maula Jatt’, Saima Baloch is set to star in the Punjabi film ‘Super Punjabi’.

Saima Baloch to star in 'Super Punjabi' f


"I'm doing this film for the people."

Saima Baloch is set to star in the upcoming Punjabi film Super Punjabi.

It is reported that she and Mohsin Abbas Haider are the film’s lead female and male stars.

The pair have finished shooting the film.

In addition to playing the lead role, Saima will also appear in three songs that are dedicated to her character.

The actress hopes to introduce another “filmy persona” to her fans following her performance as the adored Rajjo in The Legend of Maula Jatt.

Talking about Super Punjabi, Saima said:

“In Maula Jatt, my experience was amazing during [the] performance as my work for this film is my ibadat [act of worship].

“Director Abu Aleeha approached me [for the role of the] heroine in Super Punjabi.

“I said yes for the sake of our film industry, and to leave Rajjo behind and create one more filmy character for my country.

“Fans of Rajjo are waiting to see more [of me] on the big screen so yes, I’m doing this film for the people.

“I’m so grateful to Allah. And the people who loved my work as Rajjo. Thank you, love from Rajjo.”

People who saw Saima Baloch perform her famous dance in The Legend of Maula Jatt immediately grew to love her, wanting to see more of her work on the big screen.

The performance is a piece of art and a visual delight for the spectators.

Saima Baloch is assured to win hearts once more in her new role after receiving accolades from The Legend of Maula Jatt choreographer Rehan Bashir.

In an Instagram post, Bashir said that Maula Jatt director Bilal Lashari had a very clear vision for the performance.

Making careful arrangements so that it was not reduced to a distasteful number, Rehan said:

“I feel like our ideas combined together quite beautifully.”

“We were on a very tight schedule and I choreographed and rehearsed this with Saima Baloch over a span of roughly 10 days.

“I was strict [but] she took direction well and executed this beautifully.

“She gave it subtlety, rawness, grit and femininity, and made it a powerful performance.”

According to reports, Ayesha Omar, Sana Fakhar, Adnan Shah Tipu and Saqib Sumeer are just some of the stars who will also appear in Super Punjabi.

The movie will be produced by Iftikhar Thakur and Safdar Malik.

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