Ritu Beri discusses Covid-19’s Impact on the Fashion Industry

Veteran fashion designer Ritu Beri opens up about how Covid-19 has impacted the fashion industry and her attitudes towards fashion.

Ritu Beri discusses Covid-19's Impact on the Fashion Industry f

"Online sales have become popular."

Celebrity fashion designer Ritu Beri has opened up about the impact that Covid-19 has had on the fashion industry.

Throughout her 30-year-long career, Beri has become the Head of French fashion house Jean Louis Scherrer.

She has also started the Cue The Luxury League – a non-profit foundation that markets Indian luxe fashion.

However, Beri’s career means she has seen the devastating impact of Covid-19 on the fashion industry first-hand.

In an interview, Ritu Beri said:

“It’s true that the pandemic has changed the face of the fashion industry in myriad ways.

“But not all industries related to fashion have slowed down as consumers have shifted more to Pret.

“This has lead to a rise in sales of athleisure and loungewear, which is an integral part of fashion. Online sales have become popular.

“So, we can’t really say that the whole fashion industry has slowed down.”

Ritu Beri went on to say that she has witnessed a drastic change in consumer needs since the pandemic began.

She has noticed a significant rise in online sales, and the increased need for online marketing campaigns.

Ritu Beri discusses Covid-19's Impact on the Fashion Industry - ritu beri

She said:

“Consumers are moving towards online purchases as well as online fashion shows.

“Online domination has been a major reason for the transition of the global fashion industry.

“Campaigns to boost, promote young fashion designers and our craftsmen have become mandatory.

“Being from the fashion fraternity of India, I believe designers should maintain their brand exclusivity.

“I believe designers who can balance short-term pain with long-term gain, will emerge the strongest.”

Due to Covid-19, Ritu Beri is designing from home.

Therefore, the amount of time she is spending indoors has impacted her own attitudes towards fashion.

According to Beri, her personal fashion choices have changed since the start of the pandemic.

She said:

“Since I am designing from home, I love to be around nature in my flowy and breezy outfits like kaftans, khadi tunics and also satin shirts.

“Two years ago, I don’t remember being at home for this long. My days were crazy – meetings, travelling all that.

“In fact, many have moved from style to comfort…from a tight, fitted pair of denims to yoga pants, from gowns to comfortable loungewear and kaftans.

“My preferred outfit today would be a long chiffon kaftan.”

According to Ritu Beri, her signature style is “feminine and romantic with a twist of flamboyance”.

She also said that, before the pandemic, her favourite celebrities to style were Akshay Kumar, Farah Khan and Rajat Sharma.

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Images courtesy of Ritu Beri Instagram

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