Rashami Desai reveals ‘Humiliation’ for TV actors in Bollywood

Rashami Desai opened up about the biases TV actors face within Bollywood, saying it is “humiliating” for those who don’t get work.

Rashami Desai reveals 'Humiliation' for TV actors in Bollywood f

"They categorise me for their convenience and comfort.”

Rashami Desai revealed that there is an evident bias against TV actors within Bollywood, stating that it is “humiliating” for TV actors who don’t get work in the film industry.

The actress has worked in film and TV but explained that people often differentiate between TV actors and Bollywood stars.

Rashami said that TV stars tend to be “categorised for certain platforms”.

She said: “I feel as an actress when I get categorised for certain platforms and they say that yeh toh TV actress hai, toh bura lagta hai.

“I feel bad that people don’t want to conveniently see the good work that I have done and the good projects that I have been a part of and the good people I have worked with.

“They categorise me for their convenience and comfort.”

She went on to call out the biases that exist against TV actors in Bollywood. Rashami expressed her sadness that new people get work yet it remains difficult for TV actors.

“The influential people get better projects and better space.

“It is wrong. I don’t like it. It is humiliating and insulting.

“We are actors and as actors, we can explore every medium, and should not be categorised.

“Even people in TV will not respect TV actors so much.

“They treat you like you are not good for it, and if a film actor comes they give preference to them but it is something I have learnt that you have to demand it and when you demand, they do it.

“In TV, people have respect but they don’t demand.”

Rashami Desai has had success in film and TV but admitted that many TV stars fail to make their mark in Bollywood. On the reason why, Rashami explained:

“Being a part of Bollywood has a different flavour. But actors have to be very patient.”

“Sometimes everything is finalised and the last moment because of a call, you get replaced and somebody else is finalised.

“But hats off to such TV actors… who make a transition from TV to films.

“Now I am happy that people are open to take actors from TV in web and films.”

On the work front, Rashami is known for her roles in the TV soaps Uttaran and Dil Se Dil Tak.

The former Bigg Boss 13 contestant is set to make her web series debut in Tandoor. Rashami plays an aspiring politician.

It is a thriller about a married couple whose lives take an unexpected twist after a murder.

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