Actress Rashami Desai on Mental Health Awareness

Rashami Desai has been using this time of self-quarantine during the Covid-19 pandemic to spread mental health awareness amongst her fans.

Actress Rashami Desai on Mental Health Awareness f

“If you can’t inspire anyone, let’s not make it a dirty place.”

Actress Rashami Desai has used social media platforms to spread mental health awareness during this time as millions across the globe battle Covid-19.

Practising social distancing for the past few months has seen many people take to social media to stay connected with loved ones.

During an Instagram live chat with fans, Rashami spoke alongside her friend and life coach Tulika about maintaining positive mental health during this difficult period in 2020.

The Big Boss 13 contestant touched on topics such as the fear of rejection and controlling anxious emotions during the quarantine.

The importance of using social media to stay in contact with friends and peers was strongly advised.

During the live chat, Rashami shared how her mental health has improved following an emotional turmoil in her past.

Her stint on the reality show, Big Boss 13 saw fellow contestants, Asim Riaz and Arti Singh, be her support system.

Maintaining a good support system is extremely important to mental health and wellbeing.

According to NHS England, good relationships are integral for having positive mental health. It is said that connecting with other people can “help you build a sense of belonging and self-worth.”

Pillars of support can also help you give emotional support to others and give you “an opportunity to share positive experiences.”

Joined by just over 4,000 people, Rashami’s live chat garnered much interest among her fans.

Many showed appreciation for her effort to educate her listeners about the importance of mental health, particularly in this lockdown.

Insecurity, positivity and social platforms were all touched upon.

Actress Rashami Desai on Mental Health Awareness -white

Social media as a tool to connect people in this time of disconnect has been at the core of social interaction during this pandemic.

People across the world have taken to platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Houseparty to connect with family and friends.

Others have taken to platforms like Zoom and Microsoft Teams to connect with colleagues and peers.

However, Rashami has also noted the toxicity of these social media platforms in addition to their positive impact in keeping people in touch with one another.

It’s misuse when we need it most has also caused a negative impact on mental health.

Rashami states that:

“Healthy criticism, expressing your opinion is good but I really don’t understand the trolling, those hurling abuses, threats.”

“If you can’t inspire anyone, let’s not make it a dirty place.”

Having suffered from poor mental health herself, Rashami understands that not everyone is equipped to handle the bullying and negativity that is so prevalent on social media.

“There are many who get affected by reading such things and especially during this pandemic, our mental state is already in a bad shape.

“Such negativity can affect someone’s life, career and spoil their mental health,” she highlights.

She asserts that money is not everything and life is much more than that.

The pandemic has brought a slower pace of life to the forefront. From working like machines to not being able to go to work has encouraged many to reflect on their day-to-day routines.

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Is spending more time at home with family decreasing stress levels?

Rashami, who has shared her battle with depression, suggests that this is the case.

“I tried finding solace in my work, which also wasn’t correct. You need to prioritise your life and what makes you happy,” she says, further pointing how your mental health should in the spotlight of your life.

The Naagin 4 (2015) actress recently opened up about what her mental health battle with depression taught her.

She used to get bullied regarding her weight which caused self-consciousness. Self-love and acceptance are synonymous with mental health and is something Rashami has worked on.

Improving her self-confidence has improved her lack of self-esteem which was a trigger for her depression.

She notes that she now concentrates on her breathing:

“Oxygen to your body is the utmost important things. It brings stability and calmness to you. Deep breaths and I feel like I can fight anything.”

High levels of stress are known to decrease with specific breathing exercises. Making it a part of your daily routine will provide the best benefits.

Rashami’s comments on depression is a great way for the conversation around mental health to continue and evolve. It shouldn’t be ignored. Like many illnesses, it often requires treatment and attention.

During this pandemic, stress levels have increased greatly. There has also been a rise in people struggling with their mental health and wellbeing.

Talking more openly about it shows that it is not insurmountable and working together can provide positive outcomes.

Shanai is an English graduate with an inquisitive eye. She is a creative individual who enjoys engaging in healthy debates surrounding global issues, feminism and literature. As a travel enthusiast, her motto is: “Live with memories, not dreams”.

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