Poonam Pandey reveals she suffered a Brain Haemorrhage

Poonam Pandey revealed that she had suffered a brain haemorrhage due to domestic violence, and has lost her sense of smell.

Poonam Pandey reveals she suffered a Brain Haemorrhage - f

"I lost the sense of smell completely."

Poonam Pandey, who recently faced eviction from Kangana Ranaut’s reality show Lock Upp, has opened up about being a victim of domestic violence.

She said that she had even suffered a brain haemorrhage and lost her sense of smell permanently.

Speaking to ET Times, Poonam Pandey said that she was ‘mentally and physically’ stronger now.

She said: “I can’t smell things, I ask people around me about the smell. That’s how I smell things.

“When the domestic violence happened to me, I lost the sense of smell completely.

“With brain haemorrhage, it is connected. But honestly, I am mentally and physically much stronger right now.”

Poonam Pandey said that she is also going to resume therapy.

Poonam Pandey and Sam Bombay got married in September 2020.

But during her honeymoon in Goa, she filed a complaint against him which led him to get arrested by the Goa police.

She filed an FIR against Sam for molesting, threatening and assaulting her.

She also revealed that had suffered ‘betrayal’ on the show, which was why she had withdrawn into a shell, adding that she had been backstabbed by her friends.

She expressed her anger with fellow contestant Anjali Arora, saying that she would ‘never want to talk to that lady’ again.

She also said Anjali and Munawar Faruqui ‘used’ each other to get ahead in the show.

In an earlier interview with Indian Express, Poonam said that she was in a lot of ‘pain’ because of Anjali’s betrayal.

She also expressed her disgust at Munawar and Anjali’s relationship:

“From what I have seen and got to know from Kangana ma’am, they have partners outside.

“Thus I think it’s disgusting that they can go to this extent even when they have someone outside.

“They must be watching them expressing love to others. You cannot do that to your loved one.

“It’s a reality show, and it’s so sad that they are scripting such things.

“They are my friends but I think it’s so wrong. I haven’t seen Munawar doing this but Anjali takes it to a different level.

“I wonder what Akash (Anjali’s boyfriend) must be thinking. And now it’s not even Munawar but Prince. It’s so nasty.”

The Lock Upp finale will stream on Alt Balaji on May 7, 2022.

Hosted by Kangana Ranaut, the show began with 16 contestants and now there are only seven contestants on the show.

Several controversial celebrities are a part of the show.

Kangana has been dealing with them if they show any kind of disrespect towards her or create drama.

After entertaining its viewers for weeks, the show is heading towards its finals and the contestants are leaving no stones unturned to prove themselves.

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