Payal Ghosh says ‘You Need to Sleep’ with Directors for ‘Big Movies’

In a now-deleted post, Payal Ghosh claimed that actresses “need to sleep” with directors in order to get “big movies”.

Payal Ghosh says 'You Need to Sleep' with Directors for 'Big Movies' f

"Without sleeping with someone it is not possible."

Payal Ghosh sparked controversy by claiming that actresses “need to sleep” with filmmakers to “get big movies”.

The actress also said that she would have been in more films had she slept with filmmakers.

In an Instagram post, Payal wrote:

“With the Fire Of Love: Red, I will be completing my 11th movie. If I was sleeping with someone, it would have been my 30th movie.

“You need to sleep to get big movies. Without sleeping with someone it is not possible.”

The post raised questions about Bollywood’s casting couch, with some people agreeing with Payal.

One person said: “Sister, this is the truth, everyone knows that this is nothing new.”

One user claimed that this is also the case in the modelling industry, writing:

“F*****g yes, in modelling too.”

However, some people believed Payal had been intoxicated when making the claims.

She later deleted the post.

Payal Ghosh’s controversial claims come after she previously accused Anurag Kashyap of sexual harassment.

In September 2020, Payal claimed that the filmmaker had “forced himself” on her.

In a video, Payal slammed Anurag for speaking about women’s empowerment, calling him a “f****** hypocrite”.

Payal explained: “I went to meet him and the next day when he took me to the other room, he opened his zip and tried to force his c**k inside my vagina by opening my Salwar Kameez.

“Then he said ‘it was okay, all the actresses who worked with me like Huma Qureshi, Richa Chadha, Mahi Gil, they are just a call away’.

“And whenever I call them, they come running and suck my c**k.

“That’s what he told me and expected me to do the same.”

According to Payal, she told the filmmaker that she was uncomfortable with the whole situation. She asked to leave but said that she would come back and they would have a “good time”.

She went on to say that Anurag said physical relationships between actresses and directors are normal and “not a big deal”.

Payal accused the filmmaker of sexual harassment on Twitter and appealed to Prime Minister Narendra Modi to take action against the Bollywood director.

Anurag denied the allegations and provided Mumbai Police with documents proving that he was filming in Sri Lanka at the time.

Meanwhile, Payal claimed that the incident had taken place in Mumbai.

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