Payal Ghosh says Twitter made her Life ‘Hell’

Payal Ghosh opened up on the negativity and hate she receives on social media, saying that Twitter made her life “hell”.

Payal Ghosh says Twitter made her Life 'Hell' f

“I just don’t want these negative vibes."

Payal Ghosh opened up on taking a break from Twitter, stating that the platform made her life “hell”.

During the height of India’s Covid-19 second wave, the actress and politician used the platform to help people.

But since the situation settled, toxicity and trolling on Twitter has seemed to have returned.

As a result, Payal decided to take a break from the platform.

On her reason for going off Twitter, Payal admitted:

“I just want to avoid all the negativity.

“I have been on and off Twitter in the last month, and I am in a much happy zone.

“I just don’t want these negative vibes. It made my life hell.

“There is so much bad vibes. After I started ignoring Twitter, I felt so good.”

She went on to say that being involved in politics is another reason why she believes she is subjected to cruel comments and hate.

Payal continued: “I look at myself less of a politician and more as a social worker.

“But, people always want to create a negativity about my political allegiance.

“There is a difference of opinion and sometimes that takes such an ugly turn that it becomes out of control.

“People bring communal and political angles in their comments about me. I felt that it was too much.”

Payal Ghosh says that now, she does not want to think about all the trolling that goes on.

Payal, who is the vice president of the Republican Party of India’s women’s wing.

She said: “I just don’t care about what’s going on and what’s been said about me.

“I don’t want to involve myself. As a politician, we get so much hatred for nothing.”

Payal said that due to the amount of “trolling and abusing”, people cannot talk about things that they really want to.

She added: “Different groups will attack you and you can’t do anything.

“There’s too much mental pressure. Even if I don’t deactivate my account, I will not be active for sure. I want a detox.”

Payal Ghosh had previously used Twitter to appeal to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, claiming that a ‘mafia gang‘ was planning to kill her.

In October 2020, she tweeted:

“These mafia gang will kill me…and will prove my death as suicide or something else.”

This came after she accused filmmaker Anurag Kashyap of sexual harassment.

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