Pakistani Actress Komal Aziz witnesses Murder in Karachi

Pakistani actress Komal Aziz frankly revealed the details of how she witnessed a murder in Boatbasin, Karachi. Her bravery is certainly commendable.

Pakistani Actress Komal Aziz witnesses Murder in Karachi f

"May he rot in prison and hell."

Komal Aziz has appeared in a video speaking about a murder in Boatbasin, Karachi she witnessed that has been going viral on social media.

Komal candidly revealed how a poor man named Sanaullah was shot dead by a wealthy man, Haseeb Raza.

Despite an earlier report stating Sanaullah was a robber and Haseeb acted in self-defence Komal denied this to be true.

Komal Aziz witnessed the murder first-hand and narrated an entirely different version of the incident.

Komal was asked by a news reporter about what she had seen. She explained:

“I had returned home from a shoot when I heard gunshots fire loudly. My mother came into the room and said that a boy has died, he died right in front of my house.

“I went quickly outside and no one had reached for help yet. I was stunned, staring at the dead body minutes after which the police and ambulance arrived.

“However, when I learned more about the incident, I became utterly disappointed and I shared my sadness on social media.”

“I shared on Instagram saying ‘what kind of Karachi is this?’, where anyone can go out and kill someone and get away with it.

“After my post, people started saying that he was an armed robber.

“However, his dead body was inspected in front of my very eyes, and there were only a phone and Rs 1600 found in his possession. He was a poor man.”

She went on to mention how she tried to find Sanaullah’s family on social media. Komal stated:

“Following this incident, I look for him on social media in an attempt to find his relatives.

“I got in touch with his father and everyone was saying its nothing like that he could not have been a robber.

“No one is willing to agree with me to help find his culprit, nor did they believe me. I think naturally the public is worried.”

Komal Aziz was asked whether she knows any information regarding the accused murderer Haseeb. She replied:

“I don’t know anything about this man (Haseeb). He went to the police station and filed an FIR against Sanaullah, stating it was self-defence.”

“But I do not understand how he acted in self-defence.”

“He was in his car on the road in front of our house for an hour, and Sanaullah was also circulating.

“If he thought he was a threat he could have drove off. But he took out his gun, waiting for him to get closer to his car and started firing.

“He shot him in his heart. In self-defence you may shot once but he shot two/three times.”

The video continued to show Haseeb in handcuffs being escorted into an office. It was clear justice had been served. As a result of this, Komal Aziz shared her joy on Instagram. She posted:

“Mubarak ho. Insaf milgaya. (Congratulations. Justice is served.) Haseeb Raza in handcuffs.”

She continued to upload:

“Requesting the police to no longer protect this evil man just because he is rich and well connected. May he rot in prison and hell.”

Komal continued to mention a specific girl on her Instagram highlighting the feud may have been caused by a third person. She declared:

“Also the girl who is the cause of all this fight, you are next. You witch!”

Due to Komal Aziz’s bravery, the police are currently investigating the incident.

Watch the video of Komal Aziz here:

Actress Komal Aziz Khan eye witness of a murder stands for justice and telling the truth in front of everyone .Few days back a poor boy " Sana Ullah " killed by a rich guy " Haseeb " on road in a posh area of Karachi "Boatbasin" initially it was reported that he was a robber and The rich guy " Haseeb " shot him in self defense but later actress Komal Aziz who is an eye witness of whole incident which happened in front of her house comes out to tell the truth .According to Komal she says on her insta story this fight happened because of a girl and Sana Ullah got killed .

Posted by All Pakistan Drama Page on Saturday, 23 November 2019

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