Owais charms Rita in Desi Rascals?

In the third episode of Desi Rascals, Owais turns up the charm to try and win over hot estate agent Rita. Shreena and the Varas feel overwhelmed by their living arrangements and the Shahdashian sisters are out to find love!

Rita Owais Desi Rascals

"Oh my days! She friend-zoned him? It's like Yasmin all over again!"

The Desi Rascals singleites are on the lookout for love in the third instalment, and it may just have been the best episode yet.

The chemistry between Owais and Rita is as electrifying as ever, but the return of boyfriend Adam may threaten Owais’s game.

Newbie daughter-in-law Shreena continues to struggle in her new surroundings and emotions run high in the Vara household.

The Rita-Owais-Adam Love Triangle

Desi Rascals Nunzia Rita SiddiquiSharing a girly moment with her sister Nunzia, Rita speaks about how well her relationship with Adam is blossoming.

However, she also speaks highly of Owais. She tells Nunzia that she ‘does not want to put all her eggs in one basket’.

Owais has invited Rita to a personal training session with him. Bantering with gym buddies, Anj and Moses Baig, Owais says: “God, I’d hate to be her boyfriend now.”

Rita makes an explosive entrance, and sparks fly as her and Owais reignite their chemistry. However, things turn abruptly sour when Owais asks Rita out, and Rita politely declines.

Anj and Mo, assuming the role of John Motson and Mark Lawrenson, offer a play-by-play commentary of the whole incident, with Anj saying: “Oh my days! She friend-zoned him? It’s like Yasmin all over again!”

Owais does not seem to take the news well and Rita accuses him of being like a childish school kid.

Later, Rita enjoys a restaurant dinner with Adam, who she has been dating for a while now. Adam comes across as a calm, collected, and sophisticated man. They agree that it is now time that they made their relationship officially exclusive. Too bad, Owais!

Shooting it with the Shahdashians

Shahs Ravalias DRCelia and the Shahdashian girls are still upset with meddling Manoj and his plans to set Jo up with Shmoyel, and possibly Mo.

Together they conspire to get their own back and hatch a plan to convince Manoj that Jo and Natalie have got matching tattoos.

Manoj completely falls for the joke and is beside himself with shock. However, once the prank is over, Manoj apologises, and the Shahs share a cute family reconciliation.

Manoj has always wanted his daughters to find nice, respectable Indian boys. Cue the entrance of the Ravalia twins, Raj and Rishi.

Contrary to the belief that 21st century young men are emasculated, the Ravalia boys are forward and direct in asking out the Shahdashians. Asking the girls about their relationship status, they simultaneously respond: “We’re both single!”

As the Ravalias get the girls’ numbers, they congratulate each other with a bro-fist under the table.

After the boys leave, Jo asks her sister if they are her type. Nathalie responds: “I’d be happy to go out with either of them.”

The torture continues for Shmoyel with Yasmin

Yasmin Desi Rascals

Yasmin and Shmoyel share another cute catch-up over a coffee.

But Yasmin has got a whiff of the banter that the lads indulge in. She is not too amused about the joke about Shmoyel doing ‘Yasmin curls’ in the gym.

Owais makes another well-timed entrance to block Shmoyel’s advances yet again. He talks down to Yasmin, literally, given their difference in height.

Yasmin storms off. As Shmoyel tries to go after her, Owais prevents him by smothering him.

Will Yasmin ever stop torturing the poor lad and actually date him? And is Shmoyel going to man up and ask the lady out on a proper date?

One thing is for certain. Owais is definitely not bitter about Yasmin rejecting him.

Home is where the heart is for Shreena

Shreena Vara Desi RascalsShreena’s transition into the Vara household continues to be difficult.

Struggling to cope with the change, Shreena decides to head back home to see Mum and Dad in South London.

As you would expect, it is an emotional affair, and all three of them, Shreena, Shreekant and Purnima are tearful.

There are signs of light at the end of tunnel for Shreena and the Varas. Jay is showing signs that he is maturing into his role as a father-in-law.

Anita is still frosty in her interactions with Shreena, but when she recollects how difficult it was for her moving to a new house, she sheds tears for a moment.

Praks urges his mum to not see the situation as losing a son, but as gaining a daughter. There might be more that unites Shreena and Anita than they realise.

The emergence of the Baigs, Arshina, and Ravi and Blake

Arshina Ravi Blake Desi RascalsEpisode 3 sees the debut of Uncle Nuss, the father-figure for Anj and Mo. In one of the most hilarious scenes so far, Moses crosses the line with a comment we do not wish to repeat here.

Anj steps in and says: “Sharam kar [Have some respect]! Uncle’s here innit bruv.”

Ravi, who runs his family’s hotel business, wants to explore the opportunity of introducing Bollywood dance at some of their events.

He invites his best-friend Blake to watch a performance by Arshina’s Angels dance troupe.

Despite a scintillating performance by Arshina, her team fail to win a contract, which leaves her disappointed. She takes her frustration out on her performers, which does not leave Jo Shah very happy.

Is a cat-fight on the cards? Catch the fascinating fourth episode of Desi Rascals on Friday 30th January 2015 at 8pm on Sky Living.

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