Netizens accuse Meera of Faking her Injury

Film star Meera said she recently injured her arm on set. However, netizens believe that she is faking her injury.

Netizens accuse Meera of Faking her Injury f

“A little bit of acting please.”

In a recent video statement, Meera addressed her fans about an injury she sustained while filming in Lahore.

The actress revealed that she had fractured her arm.

Despite the setback, Meera assured her fans that the pain had subsided since the incident.

In the video, Meera was wearing a sling, highlighting the seriousness of her injury.

Unlike her glamorous appearances, she sported a more subdued look, indicating the impact of her injury on her usual style.

The video was shot in what appeared to be her home, with the presence of a few reporters.

The reporters asked her: “Could you tell us the name of the director of the film? What was that scene? How did it happen? And what did the doctors say?”

Appearing tired, Meera replied: “It was an action scene. I am in so much pain. This is the first time that it hurts so much.”

She then started crying.

Meera continued: “There is a lot of pain. Doctors have told me to rest for 3-4 weeks or more, it depends.

“Doctor Ahmed said that there should not be body movement.

“He asked me not to move and not to move my arms so that my fractured bone can heal.”

Later on, the video had shots of Meera walking in different rooms of her house.

She went into the dining room and sat down. Meera then walked out of the room.

As she left, a cameraman said: “A little bit of acting please.”

At the same time, Meera held her broken arm and made a pain-stricken expression on her face.


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This prompted viewers to wonder whether this was a real injury or if it was an act for mere views.

A user said: “She looks so stupid crying over a minor fracture. Even kids have more resilience than her.”

Another added:

“Making a fool out of the public. No one is sympathising with you Meera.”

One wrote: “Making a whole video, where a cameraman literally asked her to act is the most embarrassing thing she has done yet.”

Another asked: “Who even takes her seriously?”

One stated: “Her hesitation to give any sort of information about how she got hurt says a lot. She is being vague about it because she is lying.”

Ayesha is a film and drama student who adores music, arts and fashion. Being highly ambitious, her motto for life is, "Even the Impossible spells I'm Possible"

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