10 Most Listened To Punjabi Songs of 2022 (So Far)

DESIblitz counts down the 10 most viewed Punjabi songs of 2022 so far which have surpassed staggering numbers with their catchy sounds.

10 Most Viewed Punjabi Songs of 2022 (So Far)

"Her voice has something magical"

2022 has been a terrific year for Punjabi artists and Punjabi songs alike with some tracks receiving the most staggering views and plays on streaming platforms.

From Ammy Virk to Sidhu Moosewala to Shubh, these musicians have added a new dimension to mainstream music.

These Punjabi songs are so versatile that South Asian and western fans have been listening to some of the most incredible tracks.

From pure hip hop beats to more smooth and soulful sounds, these projects create unique listening experiences each time.

These songs further highlight just how popular Punjabi and South Asian music is becoming.

Whilst the sad passing of Sidhu Moosewala grabbed global attention, it emphasised the reach that this type of art has.

So, here are the most viewed Punjabi songs of 2022 so far to feast your ears upon.

Ali Sethi & Shae Gill – ‘Pasoori’


From the formidable season 14 of Coke Studio Pakistan comes Ali Sethi and Shae Gill’s megahit, ‘Pasoori’.

Having reached over 300 million YouTube views, it is only the third track in the history of Coke Studio to reach this milestone.

The Punjabi and Urdu fusion brings together folk and pop sounds whilst blending in raga and reggaeton melodies.

This type of recipe results in a mesmerising showcase of warm vocals and self-expressive instrumentation.

The track reached number two in the UK’s Asian Music Charts and number four on Billboard India.

Sidhu Moosewala – ‘The Last Ride’


The untimely death of Sidhu Moosewala sent shockwaves around the globe. It catapulted the musician’s status but also brought in a new audience to his music.

‘The Last Ride’ was actually Sidhu’s last release whilst he was still alive and has received over 136 million YouTube views.

It also has over 39 million Spotify plays emphasising the worldwide appeal of the artist and his projects.

The track’s popularity was ignited after Sidhu’s passing as it referenced dying young and was also an ode to American rapper Tupac who was shot and killed in 1996.

In true fashion, ‘The Last Ride’ is decked out with classic hip hop sounds and bellowing vocals that ring around the speakers.

Mankirt Aulakh – ‘Judge’


Bringing the RnB vibes is Mankirt Aulakh’s hit song ‘Judge’.

With over 116 million YouTube views, Mankirt’s trailblazing anthem left fans astounded and has been racking up the numbers since its release in February 2022.

His angelic tone along with a percussive beat results in a song that brings those retro American vibes from singers like Eve and Ashanti.

One fan, Piyush Joshi, commented on their love for the song, saying:

“Let’s all just appreciate the content this man and his crew make. It’s just a masterpiece, imagine what he’s gonna do in the future.”

This is definitely one to add to the playlist.

Sidhu Moosewala feat. Sunny Malton – ‘LEVELS’


Unsurprisingly, Sidhu appears again with his standout song ‘LEVELS’ which has over 107 million views and over 29 million Spotify plays.

Providing astounding vocals and incredible flows, Sidhu and Sunny’s verses go hand in hand.

Whilst the instrumental is more mellow than his other projects, it is by no means simple.

It opens up with an iconic speech by former boxer Mike Tyson, who many say Sidhu holds the same status as. Additionally, the eerie female undertones give a great platform for both artists’ voices to shine.

Whether it’s a late-night drive, commute or party, ‘LEVELS’ is fit for any occasion.

Gur Sidhu feat. Jasmine Sandlas – ‘Bamb Aagya’


One of the most flamboyant Punjabi songs of 2022 is ‘Bamb Aagya’.

The colourful track brings a vibrant mix of afrobeat, Egyptian and Bollywood sound. The Desi twang is heard throughout the beat as hits of the thumbi and drums echo out.

Many fell in love with Jasmine’s voice on the song, feeling that it elevated the track to new heights. One fan commented:

“I really love Jasmine Sandlas…Her voice has something magical…her attitude is just out of this world…really appreciate her confidence.”

Both Gur and Jasmine did wonderfully on ‘Bamb Aagya’ which comes as no surprise as the anthem has over 100 million YouTube views.

Sunanda Sharma – ‘Saadi Yaad’


Sunanda Sharma brings a dynamic techno and dance sound with her March 2022 release, ‘Saadi Yaad’.

The track quickly became a fan favourite and has been on an upwards trajectory ever since it came out.

Whilst Sharm’s beautiful voice graces each element of the beat, the synths contrast her melodies and introduce a more upbeat tempo.

It’s perfect to listen to at a wedding or even to play around the house.

The track will leave you feeling energetic and ready to tackle anything.

With over 87 million views, there’s no doubt that this song will continue to get more popular.

R Nait – ‘Vadde Bande’


R Nait’s banger ‘Vadde Bande’ meaning ‘Big Men’ featured female vocalists Gurlej Akhtar and Isha Sharma who were the main stars of the song.

Their gorgeous harmonies took centre stage, providing an old-school feel with their brash vocals against the violin.

The smooth percussion and bass don’t overwhelm the track and R Nait chimes in throughout the song to contrast the female singers exquisitely.

The track was also the first chapter of R Nait’s ‘Big Men’ series, with Chapter 2 and Chapter 3 following up the original release.

With over 68 million views, superfan Tarun Bhai says there are “no words to explain how beautiful the song is”.

Ammy Virk – ‘Teri Jatti’


Punjabi icon, Ammy Virk brings his vocals to the forefront again with ‘Teri Jatti’, which is described as the “bhangra banger chartbuster of the year”.

Bringing that traditional flavour that he always does, Virk effortlessly glides his voice across the dhol-infused beat.

The song is picturised upon Virk and Indian actress Tania who play out conflicted lovers.

The choreography that Tania provides gives further emphasis to the song’s vibrancy.

Whilst the track was released in January 2022, it has surpassed 63 million YouTube views but continues to be played out across weddings, parties and events.

Mankirt Aulakh – ‘Pakistan’


Mankirt Aulakh makes his second appearance on the most popular Punjabi songs list with his smash single ‘Pakistan’.

The catchy and dance-along song is an ode to Pakistan and calls for unity and love for all.

Many received the track quite well and Mankirt’s vocals deliver. DJ Flow produced the song which is highlighted through the unique break in sounds.

He masters the track to have a deeper and minimal bassline where Mankirt’s lyrics can blossom but then the beat drops back in to create a lively masterpiece.

With over 61 million YouTube views, this is definitely one to feast your eyes and ears on.

Shubh – ‘No Love’


Punjabi lyricist and musician, Shubh, produced one of the standout Punjabi songs of 2022 so far with his track ‘No Love’.

The darker track takes major influence from the UK drill scene with its hard-hitting bass and almost off-beat tempo.

However, Shubh rides this instrument perfectly and his vocals are decked out with a minor distortion to add to this futuristic-sounding song.

Whilst the song has exceeded 58 million YouTube views, many believe Shubh is the next big artist in the game. One fan, Shbuham Jat, exclaimed:

“Protect him we can’t lose him because he is the future of Punjabi songs.”

The potential of Shubh is undeniable. ‘No Love’ has even gotten more attention on Spotify, achieving over 68 million plays and the artist himself has over 4 million monthly listeners.

This is one artist and song to keep your eyes on.

These popular Punjabi songs have given us a glimpse at what the rest of 2022 will hold.

If these tracks are anything to go by then there will be even bigger and better projects on the horizon.

The numbers these Punjabi artists have gained are impressive and just show how attractive this type of genre is becoming across the world.

Balraj is a spirited Creative Writing MA graduate. He loves open discussions and his passions are fitness, music, fashion, and poetry. One of his favourite quotes is “One day or day one. You decide.”

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