Model exploring London in Bridal Lehenga goes Viral

A model turned heads on the streets of London and on social media as she explored the capital while wearing a bridal lehenga.

Model exploring London in Bridal Lehenga goes Viral f

"Her outfit is lovely, her cultural heritage is rich"

A model is going viral for exploring London in a bridal lehenga.

Spanish-Indian model Shraddha shared the video to show the public’s reaction to her in the extravagant Indian outfit.

Opting for a piece from ESTIE, the red lehenga features intricate gold detailing, perfect for a bride.

Shraddha accessorised with earrings and a nose ring from UK brand The Jewellery Trunk.

The model posed on a platform in front of a moving Tube train before two men were seen looking at Shraddha.

She then boards the busy transport and walks through the carriage.

Everyone looks at Shraddha but their expressions are mixed as one woman does not look too impressed.

Another woman smiles and tells Shraddha she looks gorgeous as the model walks past.

Fascinated passengers are even seen taking pictures of Shraddha while they wait for their train.

Shraddha then takes to the streets and shoppers glance at her. She gives a twirl as some people smile.

On the Millennium Bridge, Shraddha gives another twirl to the camera while one woman looks over, appearing to be confused as to why Shraddha is wearing such an outfit.

The video received over two million likes and social media users gave their opinion in the comments section.

One said: “She’s stunning. Her outfit is lovely, her cultural heritage is rich, beautiful and inspiring.

“From India to the world? Not all of us have access to Indian culture – what a treat to see such a pretty expression of it on the drab ol’ tube.”

Another agreed: “Gorgeous! Yes to wearing what you like where you like!”

Praising Shraddha’s beauty, one user said:

“Frankly speaking, she is beautiful without makeup.”

Some observers claimed that the unimpressed people in the video were “jealous” of Shraddha.


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While Shraddha received praise, she also received criticism for allegedly “attention-seeking”.

One person said: “Do not ruin the image of Indians by doing such an act of stupidity.

“Capability is defined by wearing the right attire at the right place and not looking funny.”

Another wrote: “Embarrassing. Who actually wears a wedding lehenga and goes to streets or metro stations like that?

“People don’t even do that in India. Attention-seeking behaviour in the name of ‘cultural appreciation’ to get some likes and followers lol these people.”

One user mocked Shraddha and said:

“In India, people will think you are a runaway bride.”

Arthi Baskar, who founded the Break the Barriers Academy, hit out at the haters and said:

“To everyone in the comments shouting that she’s seeking attention for wearing a lehenga in a metro.

“You don’t know why she has done that! She might have gone for a photoshoot or she might be travelling to attend any occasion.

“Just stop, she is pretty and definitely her outfit has got her some attention and she has rocked it with the utmost confidence.”

Dhiren is a journalism graduate with a passion for gaming, watching films and sports. He also enjoys cooking from time to time. His motto is to “Live life one day at a time.”

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