Love Is Blind star Shake opens up on Biggest Regret

‘Love Is Blind’ star Shake Chatterjee has opened up on his biggest regret since his appearance on season two.

Love Is Blind star Shake opens up on Biggest Regret f

“She knew since Mexico that I was having a tough time"

Abhishek ‘Shake’ Chatterjee, star of Netflix’s Love Is Blind, has spoken about his biggest regret since being on the show.

Season three of the dating show premiered in October 2022 but fans still remember Shake from season two.

He became the series villain among viewers due to his controversial opinions on romance.

After several blind dates, Shake eventually proposed to Deepti Vempati.

However, after the couple finally met and got to know each other on their honeymoon in Mexico, it appeared as though Shake was no longer attracted to Deepti.

During a conversation with co-star Jarrette Jones, he admitted:

“I’m not physically attracted to her, man. It feels like I’m with my aunt or something.”

This angered viewers as Shake previously claimed that Deepti was perfect.

After numerous arguments, Deepti left Shake at the altar and told him:

“I deserve somebody who knows, for sure. So I’m choosing myself. And I’m going to say no.”

The veterinarian also received criticism from Deepti’s brother, who called him a “loser” and claimed he was only on the show for “clout”.

Shake later issued an apology to Deepti, however, she believed it was “insincere“.

Shake has now broken his silence on his rejection as well as his regrets.

He revealed: “She knew since Mexico that I was having a tough time and she knew weeks before that.

“Not only did I speak with her, but I also spoke with the producers to let her go first so she can say no to me and what she did is, she changed that into this like whole ‘I choose myself’ thing.

“Even then, I think that’s fine, that’s totally fine but it’s become very much at my expense.

“In the beginning, it’s just like ‘I choose me because you know I value myself’, I love that. But it became ‘I choose me because Shake is blah blah, blah’.

“She’s had many, many, many opportunities to clarify, and kind of let the public know that it wasn’t that way, but she’s just doubled down, triple down

“It has me really regretting looking out for anybody but myself at this point. I wish I never had.”

“I wish I hadn’t tried to protect others at the cost of opening myself up to whatever it is.”

Two months after the series aired, Shake went public with Emily.

Love Is Blind star Shake opens up on Biggest Regret

He met the stunning blonde at a pool party in Miami.

Shake said: “I met her at a pool party in Miami.

“I’m just chilling there with these Harvard girls on spring break, Harvard grad students.

“So I’m with these beautiful girls and they’re smart and then Emily comes up with her group of friends.”

Shake added that he and Emily “got talking” and spent the day together.

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