Kapil Sharma ‘stopped trusting people’ during Depression Battle

Kapil Sharma opened up about his mental health battle, revealing that during that period, he “stopped trusting people”.

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"So, at that time, I stopped trusting people."

Kapil Sharma revealed details about his mental health battle.

Kapil is one of the most successful comedians in Indian TV.

The Kapil Sharma Show has welcomed many celebrities including Jacqueline Fernandez, John Abraham and Saif Ali Khan.

In a segment for Fever FM’s Bounce Back Bharat Fest, Kapil opened up about battling depression in 2017.

During that time, the comedy show was taken off the air.

Recalling that time, Kapil said:

“I think that becoming the best in your job is not difficult but maintaining that position for a period of time is.

“There are politics, people pulling your leg. So, at that time, I stopped trusting people.

“They would say something on my face and something else behind my back. I shut my show down even though nobody asked me to do so.”

In 2018, a year after The Kapil Sharma Show was cancelled, Kapil returned with Family Time With Kapil Sharma.

However, the show didn’t generate as much interest from fans of Kapil’s original show.

As a result, Kapil started a new season of The Kapil Sharma Show.

Since returning to the small screen in 2018, the show has been running successfully.

Talking about his comeback, Kapil said:

“My physical and mental condition at that time wasn’t good.

“But I thought, the best way to respond to naysayers is through my show.

“I understood it was my show which got me the love of the audience and recognition so I started it again.

“Till when will you keep fighting with people on Twitter?

“I thought I should start what I am good at.”

The comedian added that his wife Ginni Chatrath was his biggest “strength” and a “strong pillar”.

Kapil said:

“Ginni stayed with me like a strong pillar. She is a big strength for me in my life.”

“She told me that the public loves me and that I should go back to work.”

He added: “So, at that moment, you don’t feel that anything will change because all things seem negative at that time.

“Don’t know what kind of chemical gets released in your brain that doesn’t allow you to think positively.

“But my family gave me strength at the time, especially my wife, Ginni.

“She knew everything about what was happening in my life. No one else did.

“My mother knew nothing about mental illnesses and depression, she is a woman from a small village. Not just her, even I did not have much of an idea about it.”

On his past, Kapil Sharma reflected: “It was a learning period.

“Now I laugh thinking about it. But I can say that time has taught me many things.”

The Kapil Sharma Show has aired over 500 episodes and is immensely popular.

In early 2021, Kapil took a break from his show to spend some time with his wife and children.

Meanwhile, former guest Navjot Singh Sidhu is rumoured to be returning to the show.

Navjot resigned from the Punjab Congress chief post on September 28, 2021.

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