Juhi Parmar walks out of ‘Inappropriate’ Barbie

Juhi Parmar took to Instagram to reveal that she walked out of ‘Barbie’ with her 10-year-old daughter, calling the film “inappropriate”.

Juhi Parmar walks out of 'Inappropriate' Barbie f

“Why make Barbie inappropriate for kids"

Juhi Parmar has expressed her anger towards Barbie for its sexual undertones.

The actress said she walked out of the cinema with her 10-year-old daughter due to the type of language used in the film.

Taking to Instagram, Juhi spoke of her shock when she picked up on the language and sexual remarks, revealing she walked out within 15 minutes of the film starting.

She also claimed that many parents followed her lead.

Juhi wrote: “A lot of my own audience is not going to be happy with what I share today, some of you may send me a lot of angst but I share this note as a concerned parent to Barbie!

“And for the other parents out there, don’t make the mistake I did and please do check before you take your child for the film, that choice is yours!”


Juhi proceeded to question the movie. She continued:

“Why make Barbie inappropriate for kids, and a PG-13 movie, rather than one which everyone could enjoy with the family.”

She went on to express the desire to be able to erase the memory of the film and keep the innocence of the popular doll for her child.

Juhi’s post was met with a mixed array of comments, with some applauding her for taking the initiative for leaving with her daughter while others called her out for jumping to conclusions.

One angry fan commented: “You know, instead of posting a review based on 10-15 minutes of the movie, maybe try watching the entire movie and then form an opinion?

“Also, in your entire post, you give no example of what was even inappropriate in the movie.”

“The reason it’s PG-13 is because Barbie is a functioning adult and the movie has themes deeper than a child could ever understand.

“The only reason you’re pi***d is because they showed Barbie as an actual woman and not just the perfect idea you’ve been feeding your kids.”

Another labelled Juhi Parmar’s post as the “saddest post ever”.

One person pointed out that Barbie had always been sexualised and the film description was nothing new nor fabricated.

Some people posted messages of support, with one commenting:

“Try ignoring these comments. You do not have to justify putting out your opinions and voice on your own social handle.

“People who have a problem with it can do as they like. Please don’t pay attention to any of these limelight seekers and trollers.”

The new movie, which stars Margot Robbie, has seen cinemagoers dressed in pink when going to watch the film.

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